FAQs on Keva Stemcell Plus Drops

Wild Blue-Green Algae (Aphanizomenon-flos-aquae and Chlorella) is nature's most basic food. It exists at the beginning of the food chain, provides perfect nutrition and contains more protein than other whole foods. Keva Stem Cell Plus contains 100% wild algae harvested at the peak of its bloom in summer, and then quickly freeze-dried to preserve its nutritional profile and enzymatic activity.
Recent Clinical studies have revealed the effects of AFA and Chlorella Blue-Green Algae (BGA) on health, disease, and the immune system. It has been suggested that due to the many various properties of BGA, including the synergistic effects of the concentrated phytochemicals (Carotenoids, Chlorophyll, Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, and Phycocyanin), algae can be used in many ways to encourage health and healing, like

• A nutrition-rich food
• Have strong anti-viral and anti-tumor cell activity
• Can protect against allergies
• Can stimulate immune system functioning
• Has anti microbial activity
• Contains anti-inflammatory properties
• Contains cancer-preventive properties
• May lower cholesterol levels
• High concentration of Phycocyanin and free-radical scavenger properties
• Significant amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, which can inhibit the growth of inflammatory prostaglandins
• A strong biomodulator (adjusts all of the body's functions, including the immune system, to their proper balance)
• Can improve metabolism, assist in weight-reduction and balancing blood sugar levels
• Can encourage proper liver function, healthy digestive system and nutrient absorption
• Can accelerate recovery from mild traumatic brain injury
Stem Cell Plus contains the highest grade of natural, pure ingredients and has the greatest number of natural immune factors compared to any other product on the market. Stem Cell Plus is a more advanced and faster acting product developed by the team of experts and researchers. The expert harvesting management program and unique processing techniques are used for the development of this product. Upon extraction from the deepest waters of the lake, we immediately chill the algae and purify it through an exclusive filtering process. Solid algae are then converted to powder through proprietary Low Temperature drying system. Our algae is subjected to a rigorous testing regimen at every production segment to ensure our products to be the purest, freshest, and most efficacious Klamath Lake AFA blue-green algae available.
Stem Cell Plus Drops is high in protein which is the main building block for healthy hair, skin and nails.
Unlike meat, which is high in cholesterol and is difficult to digest, blue green algae contain 60-70% of vegetable protein, and provide all essential amino acids.
AFA and Chlorella contains phenyl ethylamine, a compound naturally produced in the brain that is responsible for pleasure and awareness. A study at Rush University and the Center for Creative Development showed that 10 mg of phenyl ethylamine per day produced sustained relief of depression in 60% of participants, including those who hadn’t responded to other treatments.
It is best before 24 months from the date of manufacturing if stored as recommended. Store it away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat. It should be stored in a cool, dry place at room temperatures
Stem Cell Plus Drops contain pure blue-green algae (Aphanizomenon-flos-aquae and Chlorella), contain no sugar, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no additives or fillers.
Our nutritional supplements are intended to nourish and support the systemic functions of the body. We recommend you consult with your medical or healthcare professional prior to consuming Stem Cell Plus if you have any concerns regarding your health or a medical condition.
We recommend you consult with your medical or healthcare professional prior to consuming Stem Cell Plus Drops if you have any concerns regarding the interaction of our products with your prescribed medications.
We recommend that pregnant or nursing women consult with their medical or healthcare professional prior to consuming any health supplement including Stem Cell Plus.