Soya Katori

Soya Katori
M.R.P - 50/-
size - 60gm

A crunchy mild flavored snack having a unique blend of taste and health which gets easily digestible. It is good for health. Maintain your diet with Tasty Flavors!

It is a nutritious snacking option for your all-time munch cravings. 

It is the best quality diet products


  • This is a vegetarian product.
  • It is an original recipe and is healthier alternative to eating the typical eating snacks
  • This is excellent option of snacks
  • Snack them between meals or during tea time to feel re-energized and refreshed
  • This pack of healthy snack is prepared from pure ingredients

INGREDIENTS:- Soya bean (100 % defeated soya flour), Rice flour, Maida, wheat veg., Refined oil, Ground spices, Sea buckthorn, Brahmi and Aloe vera.


Typical values per 100 gm provides

Energy (kcal) 434.10, fat (g) 15.18 , saturated fat (g)5.91,  MUFA (g) 4.27, PUFA (g) 3.69 , carbohydrates (g) 65.11 , sugar (g) 4.67 and protein (g) 9.26, cholesterol (mg) 0, sodium (mg) 1110 , calcium (mg) 148.21, vitamin C (mg) and Iron (mg) 3.89 mg

Note: - Store in cool, Dry place, Protect the contents from Air and Direct Sunlight