Her Hygiene wash

Her Hygiene wash
M.R.P - 180/-
Net Vol - 100ml

Intimate Hygiene Wash

  • Maintains freshness
  • Controls odor
  • Maintains pH balance


INTIMATE HYGIENE WASH enriched with Sea buckthorn oil and Tea tree oil is a solution formulated especially for women to cleanse the intimate areas. It is a unique formula for external Intimate cleansing with pH 3.5



?  It protects the vagina from fungal infections

?  Eliminates dark pigments

?  It gently cleanses and refreshes

?  Prevents odor and irritation

?  It reduces the risk of bacterial infection

?  It maintains the pH balance



Key Ingredients- DM water, Cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium lauryl sulphate, Polyquaternium 7, Ammonium lauryl sulphate, Sorbitol, Lactic acid, Fragnance, Phenoxyethanol, DM hydantoin, tea tree oil, sea buckthorn oil, Seaberry extract, grape seed oil, Methyl chloroisothiazoline


Things you can do to help to maintain pH levels of vaginal area ?

•       Wash with warm, Plain water

•       Change sanitary product regularly

•       Avoid perfumed products

•       Wear cotton underwear

•       Don’t douche

•       Use twice this intimate wash


Who will use intimate hygiene wash?

·         Every female from puberty (13 years onwards) up to menopause (till 45 years)

·         It can be used during monthly periods


How to use intimate hygiene cleanser ?

•       Take a small amount of Intimate Hygiene wash on wet hand and apply externally over the vagina

Leave for 2 to 3 minutes and then wash properly