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Keva Agro Booster

Pack size – 1 Kg

MRP: Rs.899/-

Organic Product For Basic Soil Fertility Increaser 

Uses: improve soil fertility with the bacterial growth & arrests in fungal growth. This can improve the quality of your soil by feeding the nutrients necessary to increase the activity of beneficial bacteria in your fields. This increased microbial activity delivers many benefits to the soil, such as improving soil physical properties and increasing mineral availability. More importantly, these organisms are known to break down available organic matter into nutrient-rich humus — the key element in highly productive soils.

Application: Mix 500gm in adequate quality of mud/cow dung and spread it in 1 Acre

For chemical fertilizer add 1 kg of this in 1 acre land.

Agro Booster contains Potassium Humate blended with phosphate, potash & other trace elements. Potassium humate is the potassium salt of humic acid. It is manufactured by alkaline extraction of brown coal (lignite) Leonardite to be used mainly as a soil conditioner. The extraction is performed in water with the addition of potassium hydroxide (KOH), sequestering agents and hydrotropic surfactants.