Keva Growth

Keva Growth

Pack size – 250ml

MRP: Rs.299/-

Organic Product For Complete growth of Plant (Liquid)

Benefits : If the growth of the crop is stalled, leaves are not growing in size, crop looks yellow, Or Fruits & Flowers are dropping in infant stage. If Fruit is not growing, in this case visible results in 8 days. Leaves become deep green in colour doubling photosynthesis. Leaves double in size. Rescues crop from all types of diseases. This has organic ingredients & multinutrients to enhance the overall growth of plants, leaves, fruits & flowers.

Application: Drip irrigation or drenching method

Consumption of 1 Ltr for one acre Land

Spraying method: mix 2ml in 1 ltr of water.

Please be noted the Keva Growth can be used on weekly bases for optimum results.