Stevia Drops

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Keva Stevia Drops

Packing : 10ml

MPR Rs. 80

Natural, Zero Calorie Sweeter

As we know Stevia is a  natural, zero calorie sweetener with a number of health benefits that have been confirmed in human studies. Extracted from Plant Stevia this has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, diuretic and immunomodulatory effects, aids in diabetic condition and normalize blood pressure.

Non GMP, Gluten Free, soya Free and Alcohol free

All natural flavors, No artificial colors or preservatives

Recommended use: Use 4-5 drops to sweeten a regular cup of beverages, both hot and cold. As a culinary additive, use as per the taste and recipe needs. Use Stevia drops for all your sweetening needs: baking, cooking, and livening up drinks and plain water.