Keva Floor Cleaner

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Keva Floor Cleaner


MRP: Rs. 119/-

Keva Floor Cleaner is an effective product for cleaning the floor stains and keeping it shiny & clean. This has strong anti bacterial properties which help to give good hygiene. As we know each room in the house is susceptible to germs and your family can easily spread germs throughout the house without knowing it. Damp & moist surfaces are more prone to germination so with this product you can kill germs and make the living area clean and disease causing elements free.

·         Helps in cleaning the yellow patches, oil marks and corner stains on the floor

·         This has good disinfectant properties

·         brings back the original glow and natural shine of the floor

·         Gives you clean and healthy living space

·         Helps you even clean footprints marks

·         Helps you clean Yellow patches over a period of time.

How to Use:

Pour 15ml of Keva Floor Cleaner in bucket and mop on the surfaces. If there is more dust and patches you can increase the quantity.