Keva Toilet Cleaner

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Keva Toilet Cleaner

Pack Size: 500ml

MRP: Rs. 119/-

This product specially formulated to give expert solution for cleaning the toilet and maintain hygienic. By pouring around corners of bowls inside it gives cleaning effects. Simultaneously, works from inside the cistern to release a dose of powerful detergent with every flush.

As we know Harmful germs can easily breed in toilet so Keva Toilet Cleaner kills germs and protects your family from health problems due to this germs gives you germ free toilet.

Distributing the liquid across the bowl, it helps you maintain a hygienic and deodorized toilet and prevents the build-up of stains giving you a continuous clean toilet.

 With triple action formula Keva Toilet cleaner:

1)   Cleanse & Shines

2)   Removes Tough Stains

3)   Deodorises

Also extends the benefit to entire bathroom i.e. floor, tiles and sink; with removal of tough stain & elimination of bad odour to make the toilet pleasingly bright and germ free.

Directions of Use:

Flush toilet, hold the bottle horizontally and squeeze to apply under rim around sizes & into water. Leave at least 20 minutes then brush gently & flush. Daily use of Keva Toilet Cleaner will leave the toilet clean and germ free.