Keva Chandan Face Pack

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Keva Sandal Face Pack

MRP Rs. 149/-

Pack size: 50gm

Keva Sandal Face Pack is enriched with natural herbs with sandalwood, which specially boasts of its several skin care benefits. Its soothing and cooling properties play a significant role in enhancing skin complexion. With pleasant fragrance and calming effects Sandal Face Pack supports in conditioning and moisturizing the dry & damaged skin. It rejuvenates and nourishes the skin. The herbal blend in this product possess soothing effects on sun-burns and inflammations. It gives you a healthy glowing skin by facilitating better blood circulation with proper massage in upward circular motion.

Keva Sandal Face Pack is best suited for normal to dry skin.


Directions for use:

·         Cleanse the skin

·         Take a clean bowl and add some face pack mix to it

·         Add some rose water to the mix

·         Mix this thoroughly

·         Apply the pack on face  

·         Leave the pack for 5 minutes

·         Gently massage using circular movements

·         Rinse thoroughly