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Keva ImmunoRich – Introduction
(Packaging: 60 Tablets)
(MRP: Rs.1299)

Keva Industries, an ISO 9001-2008 certified company has introduced first time in India an excellent product; KEVA IMMUNORICH. This product has been produced under International GMP regulations & approved under FDA & U.S Dairy Export Council. Keva ImmunoRich is 100% natural & most concentrated source of ImmunoRich ingredients along with Cow Colostrum for fighting against sickness and infection. These include Immunoglobins, PRP, Lactoferrin, Calcium, Leptin & many more. Keva ImmunoRich works better than any other product available in the market to build a strong defending immune system for people of all ages.

Immune system is most crucial for the human body. Many factors are responsible for affecting the Immune system like aging, smoking, excess stress, traveling, lack of sleep, and other factors. Those who get tired or fall sick easily need greater immunity by using Keva ImmunoRich on regular basis. Not only this, but Keva ImmunoRich should also be consumed for a better living by healthy individuals as it guarantees a varied benefits to optimize the body’s natural health including immune boost.

Why Keva ImmunoRich

Keva ImmunoRich contains organic cow colostrum that has been used for its natural medicinal benefits much longer than modern medicines. Keva ImmunoRich is manufactured by approved methods & it is the one of most safe product completely free from any side effects that can be consumed on regular basis with multiple results. Research has shown that cow colostrum collected and manufactured using approved processes are a safe and effective health supplement. We all know Colostrum is a necessary when we are first born to ensure healthy survival, replenishing our health & body’s natural state. Taking colostrum periodically throughout our lives can provide us with similar benefits that we first received.

As per many biological evidences we all know that Cows are 98% genetically identical to humans. With mammals, since our genetics are similar we can consume milk from different species. In the same way that cow’s milk is beneficial, so is the colostrum.

Colostrum helps fight disease by supplying the body with necessary antibodies used to fight infections and speed up healing. Thus restoring the body to a more natural state.

In the same way this benefits the immune system by helping to combat sickness. By supplementing the immune system this allows the body to strengthen its normal function.

With increased healing capabilities, colostrum is great benefits to athletes and body builders. By increasing growth factors and healing time, athletes would have more energy, endurance and performance. Athlete’s bodies are constantly being damaged and repaired by the body during and after sport activities. By increasing these factors, the athlete is improved.

This Cow Colostrum benefits the body by increasing functions, healing and immune system. It also makes sense that colostrum would help the body remove fat deposits and other negative materials that collect in our bodies like heavy metals, toxins, etc. The reason our bodies accumulate these toxins in the first place is because of our body’s inability to remove it fast enough. As our bodies process and eliminate material from our system, sometimes these materials accumulate faster than can be processed and removed, so our bodies set it aside to be dealt with later. If these materials our not processed they can cause disease, sickness, obesity, etc.

So by giving our bodies colostrum supplements, we can improve the overall function and normal healthy state.

Benefits of consuming Keva ImmunoRich

Please find below some of health benefits attributed to Cow Colostrum


  • Gives better results in immune related symptoms like Allergies, Tuberculosis, Malaria, HIV, Bronchitis, Dengue, Bone marrow suppression, ITP, Neutropenia, Leukemia & many more.
  • Helpful in Diabetes, Dengue, Bone marrow suppression, Leukemia, Heart Disease, Asthma
  • Regulates Irregular Menses, Menopausal disorders & other puberty related problems.
  • Prevents Neuro diseases like Alzheimer Disease
  • Provides strong bones & teeth
  • Helps in timely recovery from factures, Osteoporosis, arthritis
  • Provides early curing of wounds, burns, plastic surgery
  • Helps in regulating skin related diseases & problems like Psoriasis, Eczema & many more
  • Anti Aging Effects
  • Benefits to athletes & body builders by increasing growth factors and healing time, athletes would have more energy, endurance and performance.
  • Detoxify the body and flush harmful toxins out of the body.
  • Excellent for eliminating Ear, Nose, Throat problems
  • Gives complete health support for all ages for a better living & many more.



Proper and regular dosage of Keva ImmunoRich is very important. 1 tablet is to taken twice a day morning & evening on an empty stomach at least half an hour before meal.

Note: The person who is allergic to Cow Milk and Milk Products should use this product only after consulting the physician. This product is a supplement not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease please consult your healthcare physician.