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:: 7th April 2014, Monday - Company has launched Keva Premium Moisturizing – Beauty Bar

Company has launched Keva Premium Moisturizing – Beauty Bar

From the portfolio of Unique Healthcare & Personal Care product range now Keva Industries has come up with Keva Premium Moisturizing - BEAUTY BAR which is a quality Grade soap with Vegetable oil, Keep the skin moisturized; will not leave skin dry or itchy, Rinses off easily; leaves no sticky film on your skin, provides gentle all-over cleansing for face, hands and body. Keva Beauty Soap formulated of mild & natural botanical formula is ideal for all skin types. This is non drying and will not leave skin dry or itchy. Enriched with natural glycerin & long lasting results of herb oil leaves your skin clean, refreshed, and naturally moisturized.

Company CEO – Dr. Karan Goel said , “ Basically it is comprised of all natural botanical formula after a lot of research hence does not contain any harmful base or ingredients. Emphasizing the importance of beautiful & soft skin in every one, he added that a person can never be determined to be beautiful if has bad skin & this product is very gentle over the skin. Further to that a smooth texture is the first building block of beauty, and that throughout the ages that when people talk about beautiful skin. Always to the flawless body skin homage is first paid. This month will be unveiling the launch of this unique product”

Moreover, company has invested in attaining the unique technology to incorporate moisturizing glycerin & other herbal ingredients that can help to soften and enhance smoothness of the skin. Moreover it is well endorsed & recommended by dermatologist in California, USA. In addition to its unique formulation, this new product also has new and enticing fragrances, attractive and trendy pack design.

This will be the product for which Company would like to extend its appreciation from our distributors pan India.