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Keva Bone Health

I was suffering from severe knee pain since a long time & took many medicines but there was no respite. This problem has really made my life miserable. I was really finding great difficulty in walking. One day my husband came to know about Bone Health & I tried taking it daily which gave tremendous result. I was relieved from the pain within few days. Thanks.
Nagarjun Sahay (Age: 62 Yrs)
Birpur, Bihar

My younger son who is just 5 Yrs old could not walk properly as his legs were not taking complete weight of his body due to weak bone development. We went to many hospitals, physiotherapy and so many things but all in vain he was not able to walk properly. But just because of some days of using bone health I am so satisfied with the results of this product. To my amaze I saw much difference in his condition. All thanks to this wonderful product.
Ranjana Mukherjee
Tehata, West Bengal

My husband was having problem of joints pain. Even he could not walk properly and seeing him walking is like a dream. He was so much depressed with this problem and we were not able to do anything to give him relief. When allopathy treatments & exercise or physiotherapy failed we started looking for some natural treatment. Then one day we came to know about combination of Bone health with Keva Ancient Mineral drops & he started taking twice daily. To my surprise he was able to walk in a month & now he can run also. All thanks for this excellent combination!
Saroj Jain (Age: 52 Yrs)
Suratgarh, Rajasthan

I started taking the Bone health about a month ago, the impetuous being my husband, who has just recently been diagnosed with muscle spasm. I have been a yoga instructor for well over 25 years and have overstretched my joints and ligaments ... within a week of taking tablets I felt an overall strength and a tremendous galvanizing of energy within my joint and sinew integrity. So far as my husband is concerned, his muscle spasms have completely disappeared which I contribute to the Keva Bone Health. And in terms of overall health, I know he is getting a superior product for supplementing a National need for a richer mineral & vitamins based diet.
Mrs. Luxmi Mishra (Age: 59 Yrs)
Onder , Madhya Pradesh

I was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis problem for last 10 months. And I went through many pain management programs, medications, physical therapies but everything became useless as I was not getting permanent relief from these severe pains. Now I have started using Keva Bone Health and in just 12-15 days my disc problem diminished surprisingly. I really want to thank Keva Bone Health.
Tara Prasad Misra (Age: 39 Yrs)
Kapilas, Orissa

About 1 year ago, my wife, came down with Disc problem. She has been on constant drugs to help control the symptoms. Even with all the drugs, weather changes, being tired, and stress still cause her to suffer great pain in his joints. Two weeks ago today, a lady at our local Pharmacy store suggested me to try a bottle of Keva Bone Health. Today, the swelling and pain in her joints is gone in just after a month of using Keva Bone Health with regular massage of Keva Ancient Mineral Drops! Thanks!!
S.K Nair (Age: 53 yrs)
Medarametla, Andhra Pradesh

I was experiencing jerking & juncture of several muscles while falling asleep. When I read the several benefits of Keva Bone Health, I decided to use it on regular basis even my family is using Keva Bone Health. I have found relief in treating my problem with this amazing product!!
Yashwant Orao (Age: 32 Yrs)
Khunti, Jharkhand

I was suffering from muscle aches, stiffness in joints for the last 5 years. I could not have rice, juices, curd or like this food. Because that used to enhance my disease. So you can see I was just passing my life not living it. A person who cannot take his favorite meal, play favorite support you can imagine his mental situation easily. But with this Keva Bone Health I felt tremendous difference in my health. My problem started diminishing with the mere use of 1 month and now I am leading healthy & happy life. All thanks to Bone Health!
Joe Mawlong (Age: 41 Yrs)
Songsak, Meghalaya

I have never seen such a tremendous response to any supplement like Keva Bone Health. I normally suggest my entire friend and relatives to help alleviate their muscle tightness, reduce inflammation and help their adjustments hold better. I have never been more pleased with results from any nutritional product I have used. I have urged all my friends and relatives to use it in their daily life. Everyone is pleased with the results and their families, like mine, love it. Keva Bone Health is the best, most important recommendation I can give anyone.
Sachin Gulati (Age: 39 Yrs)
agroha, Haryana

For that last 2 or 3 years my legs would twitch at night and on occasion cramp despite taking both calcium and magnesium for over 5 years. The twitching would be so violent that it would shake the bed and wake up my wife. On occasion I would be awakened and the muscle convulsions in my legs would be strong enough to shake my whole body. A friend told me about Keva Bone Health. After a week the muscle twitches and convulsions stopped. I slept a lot better and woke up refreshed, like I actually had a good night's sleep. I have also noticed my chiropractic adjustments holding well."
Mathuraman Vellupillai (Age: 53 Yrs)
Nattam, Tamil Nadu

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