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Keva D-toxi Plus

Within the past 7 or 8 months I have started noticing more and more itchiness over a lot of my body. I don't remember ever having this problem before. Actually I had some sort of skin allergy but did not know about its cause. But then my friend suggested me this Keva D-Toxi plus. And within 2 weeks I have noticed excellent improvement in my skin problem. I have decided to use this product on regular basis and I recommend this product to everyone who is suffering from this problem as this is a natural product and is very gentle on skin.
Ronit Kapoor (32 years)
Bharuch, Gujarat

I was suffered from skin infections and allergy from past one year. I have consumed to so many drugs to get rid of this problem but didn’t get any relief. My friend suggested me to use Keva D-Toxi Plus Capsules and I started using it. Within few days, infection and sores cleared up. I strongly recommend this product for people suffering from skin infections.
Gita Batra (28 years)
Omalpur, Tamil Nadu

I was having eczema on my lower legs, especially on the right. I have spent a lot of money but my problem was not relieved properly. The itching and burning sensation was unbearable. I went to the dermatologist, suggested me to use Keva D-Toxi Plus Capsules. And within few days of using, redness, swelling and itching went down. It is a miracle for me. Thanks
Yogyata Vaidhya (35 years)
Ahwa, Gujarat

I have developed urinary infection, 3 years back. I have used so many antibiotics to get rid of this problem. But everything was worthless. Then, my physician has reduced the medicines and told me to have three months course of Keva D-Toxi Plus Capsules. It has helped me a lot and I regained my health back. After the regular use of one month days my condition was treated promptly. And I am completely recovered from this disease.
Nirali (32 years)
Indore, Madhya Pradesh

For the last 2year I was suffering from severe throat infection. My job required lot of travelling which worsen my condition. Antibiotics showed so many side effects on my body. Then my mother brought Keva D-Toxi Plus Capsules for me. After using it for 1 month all my infections and other problems has gone. I am very happy and satisfied with the results of this product. Thanks Keva Natural Care!
Hitesh Sharma (29 years)
Chitradurga, Karnataka

I am one of those people living with chronic constipation. Fiber, lots of fruits and veggies, exercise, water intake, are all part of my life (and have been for years), and still, my digestion tends to be sluggish with dense, heavy, sticky stool. Unless I have stomach flu or have food poisoning, I would never have loose stools. Keva D toxi Plus dissolves years of crud buildup on digestive tract walls and softens stools. Now, with the help of this product I am completely relieved from this chronic problem. Thanks!
Shrad Pawar (32 years)
Purulia, West Bengal

I work in a health food store and have tried numerous herbal cleanses as well as all the fiber cleanses and many combinations of both. None of those every worked very well for me. But Keva D toxi Plus worked great! It relieves me from constipation, cramping and gas
Raghav Singla (29 years)
Tirupattur, Tamil Nadu

I have had issues with my digestion and metabolism for the past few years and within days of taking Keva D toxi Plus I noticed a substantial difference in my bowel. I actually do feel clean inside again. I even flushed a few extra pounds, which was nice. I would recommend Keva D toxi Plus to anybody looking for natural product for the same problem.
Diwakar Saini (34 years)
Gondia, Maharashtra

I have struggled with dermatitis on my hands for years and I’ve had none since using Keva D toxi Plus. It is an Amazing product. I just Love it! It works great, really worth trying by anyone
Mohit Basra (37 years)
Lohardaga, Jharkhand

I had a constant mild headache for the 6 months. I had no improvement with any medication I used. But After taking Keva D toxi Plus headache is like history. I have also seen an improvement in my skin and feel better. It is like a miracle to me.
Nirankar Singh (36 years)
Chandrapur, Maharashtra

I have some liver problems, found Keva D toxi Plus effective in this. I love this product so much I bought it for my friends and family. I increased my water and didn't suffer from headaches. It is an excellent product, highly recommended.
Niranjan Joshi (45 years)
Kota, Rajasthan

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