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Product Description

Keva Vibrant Lipstick

Keva Lip Stick

MRP: Rs. 99

Now introducing products in colour cosmetics, Company has recently introduced the Lip Balm in 6 different shades. The lipstick is intended for use by women & loved by this segment a lot. 

It is available in 27 different shades:

  • Keva Antique Wine Lip Balm
  • Keva Blossom Lip Balm
  • Keva Chocolate Mousse Lip Balm
  • Keva Radience Lip Balm
  • Keva Ruby Red  Lip Balm
  • Keva Rosy Pink Lip Balm
  • Keva Choco Ice Lip Balm
  • Keva Wet Kiss Lip Balm
  • Keva Brick Brown Lip Balm
  • Keva Onion Mauve Lip Balm
  • Keva Tender Peach Lip Balm
  • Keva Rusty Lip Lipstick.
  • Keva Pink Kiss Lipstick
  • Keva Just Peach Lipstick.
  • Keva Berry Chip Lipstick
  • Keva Reflection Matte Lipstick S
  • Silk Touch Glossy Lipstick
  • Absolute Matte Lipstick
  • Chrome Glossy Lipstick
  • Cherry Blush Glossy Lipstick
  • Touch ruby Lipstick
  • Misty Pink Glossy Lipstic
  • Cherry Pulp Lipstick                            
  • Baby Pink Lipstick                              
  • Rusy Peach Lipstick
  • Metallic Love Lipstick
  • Lavender Passion Lipstick 

It is ideal for everyday wear to work, and can compliment most skin tones. It has a internationally acclaimed rich, creamy formulation that does not leave your lips feeling dry or flaky. In addition, the lipstick has a high staying power of about 6 hours, reducing the necessity for frequent touch-ups throughout the day.

Apply the product on clean, bare lips. You can line your lips with a lip liner before applying the lipstick to prevent bleeding of the colour and to help it last longer. A second coat of lipstick can be applied for a more dramatic effect. Since the lipstick has a glossy finish, you do not need to apply a coat of lip gloss over it.

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