Keva Kaipo Industries rejoice success -Overview Financial Glimpse of year 2022

Date: 6th Dec. 2022, Tuesday Keva Kaipo Industries today disclosed the grand success pictures for financial year 2021-22 with pride. Dr. Karan Goel, MD of Keva Kaipo Industries spoke with high spirit, “We are proud to be one of the world’s no.1 direct selling companies. We have scored well during financial year 2021-22 & with no stones unturned towards achieving the No. 1 position as acclaimed. During this year, we have launched many products, received hundreds of success stories, and launched new schemes, worked for business ethics & many more. Today millions of satisfied people are in touch with us worldwide. This picture speaks more than words.” During 2021-22, Keva Kaipo Industries provided opportunities to millions of people & notified persons achieved gifts & offers worth lakhs. More than lakhs of persons have achieved cars, motorbikes, and foreign trips, cash rewards worth lakhs, including those who have achieved fully paid foreign and domestic trips. Keva Kaipo Industries also launched Financial Assistance Schemes which included distribution of cash assistance, monetary benefits & supportive tools for needy & helpless. Such schemes were organized under the leadership of Dr. Karan Goel in various events & during Product launches. ‘Stay Healthy & Happy’ was the motto of all such schemes. Looking at the grand success picture, the company has projected its annual turnover, to be expected to touch Rs 1000-crore mark by 2025 which is a remarkable point. Dr. Goel concludes “Offering the best healthy living options in varied forms and committed to providing a healthy life, I have always been obsessed with the thought of standing tall in my own land. My vision is to grow ethically and my passion is help the masses live a life with financial freedom. Solely following the Swadeshi principle, we manufacture all the products with the tag of ‘Made in India’ with compliance to all rules and regulations. ”

Keva Kaipo Industries to set up 10,000 Wellness Centres by 2025

Date: 12th October 2022, Wednesday Keva Kaipo Industries has become a household name in the present scenario & looking at the great response over its product range, the MD of the company today announced to set up around 10000 Wellness Centres by the end of 2025. Final Discussions are on the table & all the plan has already been chalked out. The company has just to decide among the locations & declare the set up. Dr. Karan Goel, MD of the company spoke, “We are having a varied number of customers & we have to take care of everyone. We were getting the need for setting up more Wellness Centres for a long time & finally we have decided to make this practically happen. This will certainly benefit all our customers as they can get assistance without any hassle.” Keva Kaipo Industries always offers an extensive range of Healthcare & Wellness products in a varied ways for different ailments & also as precautionary measure. We try to cover every person as health is considered as the supreme. These Wellness Centres will have qualified doctors & a robust marketing team. There will be a meditation hall, recreational facilities & many other facilities. Immunity, nutrition, and wellness concerns are already having a growing impact on the minds of every customer, which is a sign of a huge growth opportunity. Dr. Goel emphasizes that providing improved health care facilities to all has always been a top priority for Keva Kaipo Industries. Dr. Goel added, “Keva Kaipo Industries is growing rapidly. Expansion in Wellness Centres is like spreading the wings of Keva Kaipo Industries and moving forward in a progressive phase, with a diversified plan, which includes expanding operations and segments, followed by robust distribution channels and riotous promotional activities.”

Keva Kaipo Industries projects massive investment for expansion & fresh arrivals by 2025

Date: 23rd Sep.2022, Friday Keva Kaipo Industries ranked one of the topmost direct selling companies has projected a massive investment for expansion plans & upcoming products by 2025. This was officially declared after a management meeting by the MD of Keva Kaipo Industries, Dr. Karan Goel. “We are planning to expand our existing facilities & infrastructure with a huge investment. We will be investing some amount for our upcoming product portfolio for which we have planned to invest for the R&D and the development research & marketing plans. We are planning to expand our existing infrastructure including an extension in our build-up area” said Dr. Goel. Keva Kaipo Industries is growing at a rapid rate. In the First quarter of 2022, the company marked a growth of 23% higher than the Final Quarter of last year. The company’s annual turnover is expected to touch Rs 1000-crore mark by 2025 as per our projected figures. Regarding the upcoming products, official spokesperson of the company has informed that the firm is also focusing on Healthcare & wellness. Currently, health and wellness contribute above majority of the firm’s turnover which is a remarkable progress in a short span. Presently the company has more than 600 best quality products range in more than 16 different product categories. With a wide spread Network across India, Keva Kaipo Industries is one of the most emerging Natural Healthcare companies, backed by a strong track record of innovation.

27th Aug 2022 Keva Kaipo Industries bags the Best Ayurvedic Products of the Year

Keva Kaipo Industries proudly announces that it has been awarded the Best Ayurvedic Products of the Year presented by One of the Top Famous Indian Actresses, Mrs. Shilpa Shetty Kundra, during the International Glory Awards, held on 27th Aug 2022 in Mumbai. International Glory Awards is a renowned platform to recognize various companies, entrepreneurs & service providers for their outstanding performances and achievements in their respective fields. Keva Kaipo Industries was nominated for its exemplary product range in the Ayurvedic category. This was the 3rd Edition of the International Glory Awards 2022, a glorious event. These awards are presented with the objective to identify & recognize achievers, brands, businesses, and people for their inspiring stories & innovation in their own respective industries from different parts of the country. First-class celebrities, Socialites, Bureaucrats, and VIPs attended the event. Dr. Karan Goel, MD, Keva Kaipo Industries was elated with this recognition and said, “It is a moment of pride for us to be honored with this award. It is a matter of joy, pride, and cheerfulness for all those associated with this brand. It is a scope for me to sincerely thank all the consumers for trusting Keva Kaipo and rising high.”

Keva 25 Super Formula Powder has strongest natural antioxidants available on earth

Date: 10th Aug. 2022, Wednesday Keva 25 Super Formula Powder is one of the most powerful products for building a healthier lifestyle and it is charged with the strongest natural antioxidants available, enhanced with vitamins, Amino acids and trace minerals to boost the overall energy levels, substantially supplement daily nutritional needs and boost the body’s immune system. Dr. Karan Goel, MD of Keva Kaipo Industries further elaborates, “Keva 25 Super Formula Powder is a premium formulated blend of 25 all-natural herbs, exotic super fruits and pure berries, loaded with health enhancing nutrition, which provides you full energy. This has been tested in such a way that a perfect blend is there for deriving the utmost benefits of every ingredient which henceforth, makes this product better than any other.” It is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, protein and vital nutrients that may equip the body ward off the toxins and keep you healthier. This nutritive dense extract of 25 superior quality nutrients can boost up healthy energy levels thus enhancing the immunity of your body. Being a nutrient powerhouse, the ingredients may promote healthy heart, weight loss and even reduce the effect of ageing. Along with this, the herbal blend may also help to improve heart health, help in weight management, improve immunity, contains anti-aging properties, improve memory, lower cholesterol, regulate the metabolism, prevent and manage diabetes, promote healthy respiratory system, boost energy, support blood circulation and aid in digestive health. This nourishing 25 Super Formula mix has been prepared after doing extensive research to add the most superior grade composition, using a powerful extraction technology to retain the actual properties of each ingredient. This ensures that the real benefits reach to the entire body.

Keva Acai containing ‘Miracle Fruit Acai’ declared Miracle product

Date: 6th July 2022, Wednesday Dr. Karan Goel, MD of Keva Kaipo Industries today declared officially Keva Acai as a Miracle product. He clarified, “Keva Acai, is a perfect blend of 21 body-beneficial fruits in the purest form available on planet, including the super fruit Acai which is regarded as a ‘Miracle Fruit’ for those who have seen the many health benefits it can provide. Many people have been using this juice and have benefited from its potent healing properties. It is now a recognized juice all over to help with a variety of health issues including: cancer related illnesses, arthritis, weight loss, digestive problems, and even helps reduce diabetes risk, among many other ailments. Having all the refined properties of such a Miracle Fruit & looking after the Miracles that Keva Acai has done, this can be declared a Miracle Product.” Formulated with the latest American Technology, Keva Acai supports human body's nutritional needs & improves your overall health. Acai berry fruit has been used for hundreds of years in the rain forests of South America with tribal medicine men well aware of their benefits. This has been used for tremendous ailments by the Americans. To achieve a variety of health benefits, Keva Acai includes a blend of 20 other health beneficial super fruits so as to provide the most supreme formula for health enhancement & a better living by using the process of freeze drying by removing moisture from them without any heating. In this way the nutrition of all the fruits is maintained by freeze drying them at the temperature of around 70 to 80 degrees celcius. On the occasion a happy customer Leena aged 56years from Gangtok wrote “I have been suffering from many health issues for many years, having to take medicines every day which in turn caused unwanted side effects, until my daughter gave me a bottle of Keva Acai juice as a gift. Within 2 weeks I started feeling the results. I am feeling much better, this is why I recommend Keva Acai to everyone. Thanks for this wonderful product!”

Keva Kaipo makes ‘Joints pain & Cervical Pain’ things of past

Date: 27th May 2022, Friday ‘JOINTS PAIN, NECK PAIN, SHOULDER PAIN & CERVICAL PAIN’ are no more painful as proclaims Keva Kaipo Industries. All these have been made things of the past as announced after the overwhelming response seen from Keva Kaipo products. Dr. Karan Goel, MD of Keva Kaipo Industries today declared officially ‘Our magnificent products including Keva Bone Health Tablet, Glucosamine Plus Tablets, Ortho care juice, Anti Pain oil & Magnesium Chloride Bischofite can be adjudged very good defenders against all kinds of Joint pain etc. We feel proud to have brought this solution to all such patients who have got 100% success rates by continued usage of our products.’ This blaster combo has proven track record for all problems related to Joint pain, Neck pain, shoulder pain, cervical pain etc. Keva Glucosamine Plus stimulates the production of cartilage and supports joint functions and mobility. While Keva Ortho Care juice will help in providing relief from muscle pain, joint pain, and backache and joint pain due to injuries or trauma. Keva Magnesium Chloride Bischofite is very useful for relieving sore muscles and joints and reducing pain which occurs due to deficiency of magnesium chloride. It calms down the nerves and reduces stress and tension. Keva Anti Pain Oil eases pain & promotes flexibility. Keva Bone Health is the perfect combination of Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin D3 that you need for strong bones, strong muscles and nerve activity. Together they not only enhance each other's absorption and utilization in the body but also work in synergy to maintain good health, especially for the bones and teeth. All these products may be beneficial for all ages such as women, children, adolescents and elderly people. Thomas aged 48yrs based in Ratlam writes, “Yes, this power combo for Joints has great products & I have gained success. Now I can say goodbye to the painful time. Wow, thumps up to Keva Kaipo for their innovative approach.”

Keva Kaipo Industries turns milestone by transforming the lives of 1 million people as per survey

Date: 11th April 2022, Monday Keva Kaipo Industries, the largest Direct Selling Company in the country revealed today the highlights of a recent survey that Keva Kaipo Industries has transformed & improved the lives of millions of people all over the world. This work included efforts to help people of all ages by way of improved health conditions, living conditions & modes for survival including children. "The distributors and employees of Keva Kaipo Industries have created wonders & made remarkable position in the world by helping people make their way to live. We have always followed the motto of providing better living & today we have achieved heights.” said the MD of Keva Kaipo Industries, Dr. Karan Goel. In 2012, Keva Industries had targeted transformation of lives as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility by supporting maximum people. The distributors and employees of Keva Kaipo Industries extended efforts generously to many charitable causes across the globe. This included free medical treatments to patients with serious ailments, financial assistance & shelters to old age people, free nutritious meals to poor & malnourished families & assisting unemployed youth for getting jobs. Keva Kaipo Industries is always in the lookout for raising the standard & conditions of living around the world & will again strike ahead for exceeding the achieved numbers from every preceding year. Keva Kaipo Industries is in the lookout for the betterment of the community & extending its maximum support towards the improvement of the society through its large & organized infrastructure, excellent marketing & distribution model.

Keva Kaipo Industries donates health products & financial assistance worth to needy patients

Date: 11th March 2022, Friday Keva Kaipo Industries is always in the look out to contribute towards the community & society as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility through volunteer efforts and charitable contributions. Today Keva Kaipo Industries organized a special function in Ludhiana for all needy patients & donated health products. During the occasion MD of the company Dr. Karan Goel spoke, “I feel part of the society & undertaking this donation was a contribution towards the same society. Those needy patients who have no hope in life will surely get going great after using our health products. Our team is assisting every person with care to get the know-about of the products. We have also donated cash gifts to very needy patients” On the occasion, Dr Karan Goel distributed Health products & financial assistance to many patients. A special team of 50 persons from Keva Kaipo Industries included various doctors, volunteers & others to assist the patients. Keva Kaipo Industries gave tips on how to stay healthy & live longer. ‘Stay Healthy & Happy’ was the motto of the function which received very good response from all. Dr. Karan Goel assured that a lot of such functions will be organized in future for helping mankind. The company aims to eradicate illness from the society & this is just another step towards the accomplishment of goal.

Keva Kaipo Industries announces setting up R&D Centre for health, beauty segments

Date: 7th Feb. 2022, Monday One of the most dominating brand in direct selling, Keva Kaipo Industries today announced that it will be opening new research and development centre, very shortly for making specific products in healthcare as per customer requirements. MD of Keva Kaipo Industries, Dr. Karan Goel told, “We will open R&D centre soon with over 50 scientists, with a focus on Health & Beauty segments, as per customer requirements. This will be an expansion of our present indigenous R&D division pursuing diverse fields of research with over 100 scientists. We have got very good response to all our existing product portfolio & needs have aroused for more research in this existing segments so we strive to go ahead with more researches.” Keva Kaipo Industries is already having many product ranges for skin care, healthcare, and beauty segment with a list of satisfied customers. “We have received tremendously remarkable results & reviews for every product for its unique feature. People have switched to our products before trying almost every product available in the market & have become our regular customers. These are our assets indeed. We have always tried to make what is required by the consumers as they are our makers.” said Dr. Karan Goel. The set up, cost structure & other minute details of the R&D centre are yet to be chalked out by Keva Kaipo Industries.

CTMD crosses 1 million mark in customer satisfaction reports Keva Kaipo Industries

Date: 5th Jan. 2022, Wednesday CTMD (Concentrated Trace Mineral Drops) has reportedly crossed 1 million mark in customer satisfaction as reported by Keva Kaipo Industries. This figure was based on online customer reviews & satisfaction charts. The collective reports were examined which outnumbered all existing products in the market for various ailments. The MD of Keva Industries, Dr. Karan Goel told, “CTMD is an excellent product obtained from and highly concentrated containing over 72 ionically charged trace minerals, hence a perfect solution for replenishing your body with the nutrients you need to maintain optimum health. The quality is highest available and is constantly quality controlled through international quality standards. Keva Kaipo Industries is here to help the people to get rid of their diseases and live a As per Dr. Lawrence Resnick, MD, Cornell University, "Without enough trace minerals, cells simply don’t work."healthy life.” According to Dr. Julian Whitaker, MD, one of America's best-known doctors of integrative medicine and author of best seller "Shed 10 years in 10 weeks"- “Research has overwhelmingly demonstrated the critical relationship between low levels of Trace Minerals and cardiovascular disease. So many hypertensive (high blood pressure) patients could benefit from increased intake of this mineral.” CTMD contains natural mineral concentrate that is taken from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. 100% natural with no other ingredients added. Benefits of CTMD as reported include the relief of aches and pains, increased energy, support of cardiac tissues and the cardiovascular system, support of processes of detoxification, support of brain function, improvement of mood and reduction of tension-related stress, support for healthy skin, and numerous other health benefits.

April 19, 2021 Dr. Karan Goel featured on Forbes India Special Marquee Issue Named “The Outperformers: Indian Business Legends”

Dr. Karan Goel recently got featured in Forbes India's Special Marquee Issue Named "The Outperformers Performers: Indian Business Legends" in the March–April 2021 Edition in association with Network 18. Forbes India is a top business magazine that offers insights into the latest trends and developments in the Indian economy and industry. With its focus on entrepreneurship, finance, and investment, Forbes India is a popular choice for business professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs who want to stay ahead of the curve. The magazine offers a comprehensive range of features, including interviews with top business leaders, in-depth analysis of industry trends, and profiles of successful companies. This special issue has covered the struggle and rise of Dr. Karan Goel and the shaping of the dominant business, Keva Kaipo Industries, which is giving tough competition to its rivals. Under his exemplary leadership, the product line expansion has touched the horizons of success and gained acceptance in the market from different segments like FMCG, the healthcare sector, and many more. For over a decade, Dr. Karan Goel has been setting benchmarks as a perfect combination of an entrepreneurial mind and an industry expert.

April 10, 2021 Keva Kaipo Industries awarded the "Most Trusted Direct Selling Company in Healthcare & Wellness" Award at the 2021 National Excellence Summit Event.

We are pleased to announce that Keva Kaipo Industries has received the "Most Trusted Direct Selling Company in Healthcare & Wellness" Award at the 2021 National Excellence Summit Event on April 10, 2021, in New Delhi. The award was presented by Mr. Mahesh Bhupathi (Padma Shri), a former international tennis player. This award highlights the success in business and commitment of Keva Kaipo Industries to direct selling standards. The company was honoured for its notable efforts in the functioning of operations and providing innovative healthcare solutions for the betterment of the community. On receiving the prestigious award, Dr. Karan Goel, MD, Keva Kaipo Industries, spoke, "I am honoured by this award. Success never comes overnight. For achieving this status, the entire family of Keva Kaipo Industries has brought laurels. We have always kept a positive attitude, as the foremost thing that leads to success is a positive attitude towards life with optimism, along with a clear focus on the target. Optimism will give you a pulling force as a magnet to live your dreams, but even a single thought of pessimism will bury your goals forever."

March 19, 2021 Keva Kaipo Industries conferred with the Best Healthcare Products of the Year Award in the International Service Pride Awards 2021.

Rising to new heights in a short span of time, Keva Kaipo Industries is gaining momentum with prestige. Keva Kaipo Industries has been conferred with the Best Healthcare Products of the Year Award in the International Service Pride Awards 2021. The event took place on March 19, 2021, at Hotel Shangri-La's Eros in New Delhi. The event was a grand success, with the active participation of renowned personalities from different fields. This was marked with the presence of Sh. Faggan Singh Kulaste (Union Minister of State for Steel, Govt. of India), Smt. Mandira Bedi (Bollywood Actress), Shri. Shyam Jaju (Ex-National Vice President of BJP), Mrs. Anca Verma (Former Model and Arms Dealer), Dr. BK Sudarshan (Chairman), and Shri. Vinay Choudhary (BJP Spokesperson). Dr. Karan Goel, MD of Keva Kaipo Industries, expressed his delight and said, "It’s a huge honour for our company, and this moment is a great inspiration to our complete team to contribute to the growth of the nation’s economy."

March 19, 2021 Keva Kaipo Industries was recently conferred with the "Best Health Care Products of the Year" Award in the International Service Pride Awards 2021.

Keva Kaipo Industries was recently conferred with the "Best Health Care Products of the Year" Award in the International Service Pride Awards 2021. March 19, 2021 Keva Kaipo Industries, India’s foremost direct selling company, was conferred with the Best Healthcare Products of the Year Award in the International Service Pride Awards 2021. The award ceremony was held at Hotel Shangri-La's Eros in New Delhi and was attended by influential names including Smt. Rama Devi (Member of Parliament, Protem Speaker of Loksabha, Chairman of Parliamentary Committee), Sh. Anand Sahu (Member: Ministry of Finance, Labour, and Employment, Govt. of India), and Sh. Udit Raj (Ex-Member of Parliament and Member of Indian National Congress). Keva Kaipo Industries is a legitimate business opportunity, and it follows direct selling standards as per the Government of India. It has expanded its range of healthcare products regularly without compromising on quality. All the products are manufactured after going through proper tests with utmost diligence. Dr. Karan Goel, MD, Keva Kaipo Industries, shared his views: ‘Receiving the Best Healthcare Products is a remarkable progress of Keva Kaipo. I want to wholeheartedly thank the entire family of Keva Kaipo for their hard work and bringing the company to this position. Keva Kaipo is committed to delivering the best-quality healthcare products and setting new touchstones in the health and wellness section. We shall keep making the healthiest choices to make the lives of people healthier."

Any distributor found selling Keva products on an E-Commerce website

Any distributor found selling Keva products on an E-Commerce website without any prior approval from company shall be terminated without giving any prior notice.

Most Nutritional Juice from Himalayan Berries unveiled by Keva, First Time in India

Keva Industries today launched Himalayan Berry Juice which promises to be a store full of oxygen, vitamins, and minerals, being an effective formula for natural well-being. It was presented to be a premium natural formulated juice with the highest levels of anti-oxidants including 190+ bioactive nutrients that can nourish the body's cells to protect the skin from free radicals and the natural aging process. During the occasion, Dr. Karan Goel, CEO of Keva Industries spoke, “We are passionate to focus, research and bring forth the most nutritional health choices for the public as we are endeavored to deliver supreme quality, alongside innovation. This newest launch of Keva is a cluster of health-enhancing nutrients that are vital for a healthier well-being. This product launch showcases that we are committed to bringing the best in the revolutionary health segment.” Consisting of the pure wonder berry and nature’s most balanced fruit from the Himalayas- Sea Buckthorn, this product is a pack of nutritional values. Himalayan berry is a powerful food containing 12 times the amount of vitamin-C as orange with fiber, antioxidants, vitamins A, B1, B12, C, E, K, Flavonoids, lycopene, carotenoids, and phytosterols along with a high Omega Fatty acid content including 3, 6, 9 and the rare 7. Sea Buckthorn or Hippophae rhamnoides is one of the important natural resources of the mountainous region, at an altitude of 4000-14000 feet in cold climates. This miracle fruit is helpful in supporting much body functions like cardiovascular function, proper brain and nervous system function, skin and hair, digestive system function, urogenital lining and many more. Sea Buckthorn has been thoroughly researched in over 130 modern scientific studies that have found that this berry promotes health. The Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), India has endorsed and recognizes the immense benefits of Sea Buckthorn. It recommends Sea Buckthorn for soldiers of the Indian Army especially those serving in high altitudes. Dr. James Liu, general manager, Health King Enterprise & Balanceuticals Group Inc., Chicago said “Sea buckthorn oil has been used to treat burn victims because it supports “the skin healing process” and softens the skin. Omega-7 is very rare to find naturally in a single plant and sea buckthorn happens to have the highest concentration,” Sea Buckthorn assists in the normal process of the healthy inflammatory response and relieves sore joints. Its Carotenoids and Beta carotenoids assist in slowing the aging process and lycopene - maintains prostate and colon cell health. Its Anti-oxidants fight cell-damaging free radicals provide anti-aging benefits and support healthy cell reproduction. Its flavonoids help fight cell-damaging free radicals, assist in the process of healthy cellular rejuvenation, promotes healthy immune system function.

8th April 2020 Keva Industries launches Breast Cream containing blend of mastogenic herbs

Keva Industries today launched Keva Breast Cream for females, which contains magical results in firming, lifting and enhancement of bust line in women owing to its’ astringent, rejuvenation, regenerative, anti-wrinkle (skin soother), anti-sagging and anti-ageing properties. Keva Breast Cream is a blend of mastogenic herbs which have been historically used for enhancing the breast size after regular use. It easily absorbs into the skin and increases the growth of tissue around the breast, making the breast fuller. It can tighten the skin, give enough nutrients, improve the color of the double peaks, make the chest full, improve the softness, restore the straightness, and create a full and attractive breast. During the occasion, Dr. Karan Goel, CEO of Keva Industries spoke, “Keva Breast Cream is a herbal breast uplifting therapy that will give the breasts a beautiful shape and younger looking cleavage without cosmetic surgery. One get firm and younger looking breasts within few weeks of usage!” Keva Breast Cream is based on traditional Ayurvedic Herbs which include Priyangu, Vacha, Ashwagandha, Kukti, Anantmool, Lodhra, Dharim, Gambhari, Badam and Til tel, having a long and safe history of regular use. Moreover, it is suitable for all skin types.

11th January 2020: Keva Industries launches Anti Snore Nasal Drops -Formulated with Ayurvedic Herbs, Very Effective to Control Snoring

Intending to provide complete natural solutions to the general health problems of mankind, Keva Industries is here again with the launch of an Ayurvedic solution to the most common problem of every household that is Snoring. Presenting Anti Snore Drops, made up of a natural blend that is proven to be very effective to control Snoring. Snoring seems to be normal health condition but the house members can often get deprive of their sleep, hence leading to other health complications. It is therefore advised to consider the best solution for this health issue. Snoring is caused by the rattling and vibration of tissues near the airway in the back of the throat. During sleep, the muscles loosen, narrowing the airway, and as we inhale and exhale, the moving air causes the tissue to flutter and make noise like a flag in a breeze. Formulated with Ayurvedic Herbs, Keva Anti Snore Drops may help to prevent and reduce the vibrations that cause snoring. Moreover, it a Drug free natural blend which is suitable for long term use. In addition, it is easy to use. Dr. Karan Goel, CEO of Keva Industries told, “Keva Anti Snore Drops is a great invention that is safe to use and effective to work. It opens up nasal passages and helps to breathe better.” Made with premium quality blend of essential oils like Eucalyptus Oil, Pine-oil, Tea tree oil, Lavender oil and Peppermint Oil, this surely can be a great solution for getting a restful sleep and wake up feeling truly refreshed, every morning!. The natural extracts clear the nasal passages and further lubricate the nostrils. This helps to make the nose to feel clearer and breathing easier. Hence, one is less likely to snore while breathing.

13th July 2019: Good news for Keva Distributors

The company has announced the launch of Keva Canopy that is the good news for camping people for the selling of Keva’s products. Canopy is used as great marketing tool that may enhance the selling of the products. This is the major tool for the business promotion that may use for all business camps. This may increase the visibility in-crowd and generate focus on products. Dr. Karan Goel – CEO of the Keva Industries said: “the color, design, height, width, and pattern of the Keva Canopy is very attractive that may definitely pull the crowd toward yourself.” It may be used as the showcase as well to increase the selling of the Keva products and it will surely grab the attention of people moving around you rather than this it may help to provide the shade to the people that are available for the business and medical camp at that time. The installation is very easy and takes just a few minutes to install. The weight and height are adjusted according to the person’s needs and also range. The bag is also available with this canopy by which the person feels easy to carry the canopy at any place. Keva canopy may help to enhance business growth in the future.

13th June 2019: Keva Industries adds up Soft Wash to spread the fragrance in surrounding area

Keva Industries adds up Keva Soft Wash to its product range to add the floral fragrance to its product basket. Keva Industries today announced that the launch of Keva Soft washes with great enthusiasm. Keva Soft wash is a delicate hand wash that will leave your skin with the feeling of beautifully, silky, soft, and glowing without making the skin rough. It has been added to the market after the persistent demand for hand washes with uniqueness. Keva Soft wash has been blended with the most unique ingredients that have smelled like a floral garden and may soft for the skin. Dr. Karan Goel, the CEO of the company spoke, “Keva Soft wash may feel fresh & fragrant all day with the use of this product.” The use of herbal ingredients may show the antibacterial and antiviral properties that contain the lime, strawberry, and green apple for the better result. The ingredients have the property to protect the skin from germs, bacteria, and other fungal and viral infections and also help to maintain the pH of the skin of the hands to protect the skin. The herbal ingredients do not show irritation, swelling, or any kind of inflammation to the skin.

7th May 2019: Launch of Immunomodulatory and Antioxidant product

Keva Industries has launched Keva Giloy tablet & Keva Triphala Tablets containing premium herbal ingredients to promote a healthy life. Keva Triphala tablet is an Ayurvedic formulation that may help to control the blood pressure and useful in other heart-related problems. This product is blended with herbal ingredients. Majorly it may use during constipation and act as a bulk-forming agent. The herbal ingredients may help to reduce the problems related to the different body organs like Amla is the second major ingredient that may used to treat the hair fall problems and may help to reduce the falling of hairs due to the cause of any other disease or weakness of the hair follicles. It may use in the case of weight loss and also helps to treat the thyroid problem. It may help during the breathing problem, and also helps to detoxify the blood. Dr. Karan Goel – CEO of the Keva Industries said “The Herbal extract in Keva Giloy and Triphala Tablet may decay the hair fall problem and body temperature which may increase the health fitness. They have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. The herbs used are known as the key to the prevention of tooth decaying problem and hair follicle problem.” Keva Giloy tablet is blended with herbal ingredients that may help to treat chronic fever, diabetes, and asthma. The herbal ingredients may use during the typhoid fever to reduce body temperature. It may help to reduce fatigue remove bad breath from the mouth, generate fresh odor and makes the person stress free and feel fresh after consumption. Ingredients may help to treat the skin wound very easily because it also acts as the antiseptic and antibacterial so it removes all the bacteria from the wound and heals the wound very fast. It also helps in tooth decaying problem. This provides the micronutrients to the body to fight against the foreign particles. It purifies the blood by removing all the harmful particles from the body. It may improve the digestion and absorption of the food.

11th April 2019: Stay slim, fit and healthy with Keva Slimming gel

Keva has come up with a revolutionary weight management formula for people with extra weight around their waist, thighs, arms and abdominal areas. Keva Slimming gel is used to remove all the excess fat from the body. This is formulated with the natural ingredients which may use to retain the person slim trim and fit naturally. This is blended with natural and herbal ingredients. It is used by the male and female both. It may help to burn the fat after applying it on the skin surface. Dr. Karan Goel – CEO of Keva Industries said: “ Keva slimming gel helps in reducing weight by preserving body heat and stimulate more sweat during exercise and routine work.” The herbal ingredients directly affect extra mass in which the extent of the bad and excess fat particles get to remove and the toxins and dead skin cells from the skin may help to make it lean, soft and supple and may help to make the tissues tight. The excess fat may remove from the body mass and makes it flat and tighten with natural ingredients. Enriched with anti-oxidant properties this product can be good choice for people dealing with excess fats in different body parts & may get in shape. Keva slimming gel may increase body elasticity.

17th Mar 2019: Best product in Keva basket to make bones strong and healthy

The company has recently introduced D3 chewable Tablets blended with a great herbal combination. Dr. Karan Goel CEO of Keva Industries said, “Many clinical trials indicate regular D3 intake may prevent diseases such as Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Psoriasis, Hypoparathyroidism, Hypophosphatemia in early age. Keva D3 chewable has been specially formulated for the regular requirements of such a cost-effective product by our consumers.” Osteoporosis causes bones to become weak and porous with age so that even mild stress can lead to fractures. It contains carbohydrates and protein that is beneficial for health. The herbal ingredients used in this tablet helps to build and keep the bones strong and healthy. Keva D3 chewable is very effective for women as well. The use of this product may lead to an active and healthy life.

23rd Feb 2019: Keva recently launched Bhringraj hair oil with natural hair regrowth

Keva Industries has already grown with personal care products with its new range of premium skin, hair & body care products. Now there is an addition of Keva Bhringraj Hair Oil in the existing range which is non-sticky oil, enriched with a unique blend of herbs that penetrates deep into the scalp to nourish the hair roots. Its special formula prevents hair fall also helps in reducing premature graying and thinning. All the ingredients are known to improve the hair texture and add luster to the hair. The ingredients present in this product have a cooling effect that decreases the body temperature when applied on the scalp and hairs. Dr. Karan Goel - CEO said, “In future, we will introduce more personal products and build on this successful personal care concept, Company has gone in for business extension this year.” This is the best formula for the hair regrowth and nourishes the scalp, lower and control the stress, headache and help to promote the good and calm sleep. The ingredients help to nourish the hair follicles and soothe the scalp. It helps to recover the unnatural baldness, itching, and dandruff from the hairs. Gentle massage of this oil may stimulate circulation in the scalp, make it relaxed, healthier and thicker.

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