Keva Growth

Keva Growth

Pack size – 250ml

MRP: Rs.299/-

Organic Product For Complete growth of Plant (Liquid)

Keva Growth is an herbal and organic product that is used to grow the plants properly. The plant growth gets stopped due to the lack of nutrients and minerals into the soil. Keva Growth is present in the liquid form so this is mixed into the soil to get the better result. It helps to make the plant for proper growth. It helps to improve the plant growth, leaves growth, roots growth, proper color of the leaves and all. It also to grow the flowers and fruits more than normal growth without the use of any chemical and inorganic ingredient. It helps to make the dark green color of the leaves and make the proper nutrient to the plant. The crop and plant become stronger and shows more resistance to the insects and pests which resists the growth of the plants, their leaves, and roots. The plants which are suffering from disease, do not grow properly, by use of the Keva Growth product, the disease-free plant can be obtained. Sometimes due to lack of seed growth, the plant enables to grow of insufficient height.


Benefits : If the growth of the crop is stalled, leaves are not growing in size, crop looks yellow, Or Fruits & Flowers are dropping in infant stage. If Fruit is not growing, in this case visible results in 8 days. Leaves become deep green in colour doubling photosynthesis. Leaves double in size. Rescues crop from all types of diseases. This has organic ingredients & multinutrients to enhance the overall growth of plants, leaves, fruits & flowers.

Application: Drip irrigation or drenching method

  • Consumption of 1 Ltr for one acre Land
  • Spraying method: mix 2ml in 1 ltr of water.

Please be noted the Keva Growth can be used on weekly bases for optimum results. 

Disclaimer: This is not intended to cure, Diagnose, treat or prevent any diseases .Please consult your physician.