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Product Description

Keva Animal Calcium


Keva Animal Calcium

MRP: Rs. 240/-

Pack Size: 1 Ltr 

Keva Animal Calcium has been launched for Animal / Pet health & supporting the nutritional health of them. This product may encourage increased yield & milk production in animals. Milk is one of the major factor related to farmer’s economy. The Indian farmer is living on income coming from the sale of milk obtained from animals. As in today’s animals are not getting proper nutrition from feed giving for milk production as per market price of milk.

So to balance milk cost and milk production animals need Veterinary Calcium Supplements which are provided along with feed and fodder. So to overcome these deficiencies and to give economic benefits to the farmer and to increase profits Keva Animal calcium is for, cow, buffalo, sheep, goat and livestock animals.

Being blend of healthy nutrients Keva Animal Calcium may possess following benefits: 

  • May enhance Milk Production.
  • May increase the yield & quality of milk.
  • Increase Diseases resistance power of cattle.
  • Combination of essential nutrients.
  • Gives Strong Bones.
  • Effective supplement for Animals / milching cattle.
  • Improve cattle feed intake & milk fat percentage..

The product has been introduced for building basic animal health & getting optimum milk production. This product has been drafted from the intense study related to basic nutritional health requirements in animals / pets. We believe this product shall be working in context of achieving basic health of the pet / animals.

Direction of Use:

For Cattle & Horses - 50ml Daily

For Calves - 10ml Daily

Poultry Birds - 50ml per 100 birds

Shake the bottle before use

This is not intended to treat, prevent, cure or diagnose any diseases. Please consult veterinary / pet  doctor. 

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