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Product Description

Keva Nail Paint Remover 30ml

Keva Nail Paint Remover 

Pack Size : 30ml 

MRP: Rs. 59/-

The nail paint rage that Color Show created in the beauty lovers' community, is back with something you would want to get your hands on. Leaving your nails soft, smooth, and pampered, Keva present to you one of the finest nail paint removers. It is a natural and herbal product with no side effects. 

How it works.

  • Is enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E that nourishes your nails while removing the nail paints.
  • Softens your pinkies and cares for them, leaving a healthy sheen behind.
  • Removes every spec of colour, leaving nails free for the new application.
  • It soft on nails do not give any harsh results on your nails
  • Acetone-free and does not contain harmful ingredients
  • Protect and brightens nails, leaving behind a refreshing fruity fragrance.

 How to use: Take a cotton wipe, pore some keva nail remover on it and then gently rub on your painted nails.

  For external use only. Keep out from children range.



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