Keva Lady Care

Keva Lady Care

MRP: Rs. 77/-

Pack Size: 100ml

Keva Lady Care is multipurpose health tonic for women. The herbal blend incorporated in the product is known to be highly efficacious in Abdominal Cramps, Pelvic Pain, Leucorrhoea, Loss of Appetite, Anemia, Backache & related health conditions in Women.Keva Lady Care tonic is the pure, natural and herbal tonic is the multipurpose health tonic for the ladies. It is used to treat the major problems related to the ladies which can be cured by the natural way with the use of any chemical medicines because the chemically manufactured medicines can harm the organ of the body. It takes time to gives a better result but gives result in a natural way without any harm. It helps to decrease the pelvic pain during the periods and also reduces the during irregular bleeding. This tonic acts as a supplement to make the body stronger as the normal during the menstruation days. It can be used during the leucorrhoea, during irregular uterine bleeding irregular menstruation, abdominal pain, pelvic pain, backache, loss of appetite, and other more major problems related to the ladies only.


  • Use for menstrual irregularities
  • Use in leucorrhoea
  • Abdominal cramps, pelvic pain,
  • Backache, loss of appetite
  • Premenstrual problem
  • Irregular uterine bleeding
  • Pure and herbal product
  • No side effect on other body parts and organs

INGREDIENTS : Brahmi, lodhra, majishtha, shankhpushpi, gokhru, musli, punarva, asgandh, mulethi, gundh phool, shatavar, ashok chaal

Direction of use : Take 5ml-10ml twice a day on an empty stomach or half an hour before meal. 

This is not intended to treat, prevent, cure or diagnose any diseases. For chronic health conditions please consult your healthcare physician.