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Product Description

Keva Stress Free

Keva Stress Free

MRP: Rs. 77/-

Pack Size: 100ml

Being blend of herbs Keva Stress Free Syrup can help to remember things easily and work efficiently. It is comprised of anxiolytic and brain tonic herbs. This product has been formulated by using the efficient team of professionals. The blend is known to improve higher mental function, Mental Quotient, Concentration and Learning Ability. This can relieve and control mental & physicla fatigue.

Indication :

Memory Booster brain tonic

concentration and learning problems


  • dont skimp on exercie or sleep
  • try to develop good sleeping habits
  • make time for friends & fun
  • Helthy relationship
  • Laughter is good for your brain
  • Spend time with fun
  • Keep stress in check
  • Give your brain a workout

By maitaining healthy life style can keep your brain healthy.

This product can be beneficial for :

  • GrowingAge
  • Working Person
  • Old Age

Keva Stress Free Syrup is Halal & Kosher certified product and has been produced under GMP guidelines.

Directions for use:

Age 7- below 18 years: 5 to 10ml daily twice a day with water around 100ml or as directed by phyician

Adults : 10-15ml twice a day with water around 100ml or as directed by phyician

This product is not intended to treat, prevent , cure or diagnose any diseases . Please consult your healthcare physician. 

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