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Product Description

Keva Rose Water

Keva Rose Water

MRP: Rs. 59/-

Pack Size: 100gm

Keva Gulab Jal is alcohol free product for all skin types. The rose, one of the most glorious flower, has been associated for years with beauty & romance. One can make it part of daily beauty regime. Make the essence of roses a part of your daily beauty care for skin that blushes with glow. Keva Rose Water enriched with rose extract, rose petals, rose oil, and rose bark essential oil. This product is made by the use of natural and herbal ingredients without the combination of any chemical or another harmful ingredient. It helps to promote skin texture by using the chemical-free product. This product is made by the distillation of rose petals, which is useful for all types of skin either it is dry, oily, or normal skin. It makes the skin hydrated, smooth, and soft. This product is used to remove and reduce the irritation and redness from the skin especially from the face. Mostly it is used as a cosmetics product to improve skin texture during the functions and even in regular use. It has an anti-aging property that helps to reduce the premature age. It also helps to reduce acne from the face. This product also used to remove the makeup so it acts as makeup cleaner.


  • Anti-aging, Cleanser
  • Anti-acne
  • Glowing skin
  • Improve texture
  • Smooth and soft skin
  • Natural and herbal
  • Pure and ayurvedic
  • No side effect

How to use :

Use with cotton, face pack or glycerin fro fresh & glowing skin. 

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