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Product Description

Keva Body Lotion

Keva Body Lotion
MRP – Rs. 119
Pack size – 200ml

Specially Formulated With Botanical Extracts for Smooth & Moisturizing skin

Product Description: Keva Industries has launched Keva Body Lotion in Skin Care range enriched with natural botanical extracts. This may help keep skin hydrated and build skin elasticity. This product has skin friendly effects due to presence of Vitamin E & other botanical herbs in the product. This can be a great skin softener and helps get rid of dry skin conditions.Keva Body Lotion is an ayurvedic and herbal product, gives the nourished skin. This product is enriched with natural ingredients that are used to remove the dry skin. Natural ingredients do not show any harm to the body and make a smooth and soft body. It helps to make the hydrated and elasticity skin. This can be used by all types of skin and skin texture. This product is approved by all the dermatological tests so this can be used by the soft skin type of persons. It contains herbal ingredients like Vitamin E, almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and other ingredients as per the requirement to get the odor in body lotion. It helps to remove the dead skin cells, dry skin, ruptured skin, crackly skin, and skin with loss of moisture, and promote it to make the moisturized skin. This product is mostly used in the winter season but the person having dry skin even in the summer season can be used in summer also. It helps to promote the best absorbing ski9n by the regular use of this product.


  • Remove dry skin
  • Promote foe smooth and healthy skin
  • Make soft skin
  • Pure and herbal
  • Natural and ayurvedic
  • No side effect

This is loaded with essential oils, vitamin E and natural moisturizer which help to improve skin metabolism with lovely fragrance. It helps with dry, dull complexion and can do wonders for your skin being great absorption capacity.

This comes in 200ml size attractive container.

Directions for Use: Apply Moisturizing Lotion all over the body parts such as Arm, Legs, Neck and other body parts. For better results, use daily in the morning and evening after bath.


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