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Product Description

Keva Floral Body Talc


MRP: Rs. 77/-

Pack Size: 100gm

Keva Floral Body Talc is delicately perfued talcum powder that leaves your skin feeling beautifully silky & glowing. 

Feel Fresh & fragrant with body talc all the day.Keva Floral Body Talc is used to make the soft, smooth, and odor-free body. This is the herbal and natural talc that is used to remove the germs and bacteria from the skin and help to make the skin full of fragrance. It helps to make the beautiful, healthy, silky, and glowing skin even after one use of this product. The person feels fresh after applying this herbal and natural talc to the skin. This talc is filled with full of nourishment, fragrance, and soothing property. Different odors and extracts are added into this product to get the fragrance according to the customer’s need. It is used as a personal care product. This is the oil-free product that eliminates the risk of dust inhalation onto the skin and making it suitable for whole-body use. This is the best talcum powder to use after shower, bath or exercise to get a cool and fresh feeling.


  • Remove germs
  • Give fragrance
  • Smooth, soft, and silky skin
  • Herbal and natural
  • Ayurvedic and pure product 

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