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Product Description

Keva Mixed Fruit Facial Kit

Keva Mixed Fruit Facial Kit 

MRP: Rs. 299/-

Pack Size: 60gm

Nourishes & moisturizes skin

Reduces fine lines & wrinkles

Gives you a healthier & younger looking skin

Fruits revive the skin hence the elements in a fruit facial kit will help to rejuvenate and brighten the skin. For the skin that is dull and dry, keva fruit facial is good to get done since fruits will get rid of the dryness and dullness. This herbal & organic facial also make your skin complexion fairer.

How it works:

  • Keva fruit facial revives your skin that has been subjected to the environment and product overuse. Blood circulation improves, new cell production gets kicked in, and you get fresher younger skin.
  • The herbal product will naturally moisturize and leave you with baby-soft, supple skin.
  • Fruit contain elements that can fade marks and blemishes. You can also use a fruit facial to remove that summer tan.
  • Stubborn pores get unclogged with fruit facials. Say goodbye to acne, blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.

How to Use:

1.   Mix fruit scrub: A fruit facial scrub which helps to clean the dead skin cells, soften blackheads and offers a long-lasting glow on the skin.

2.   Mix fruit cream: Mix fruit cream has been specially designed with anti-ageing properties providing deep skin conditioning and softness to the skin.

3.   Mix Fruit massage gel: Mix fruit massage gel helps to give a natural glow to your skin instantly. It adds shine & luster to the skin.

4.   Mix fruit pack: An excellent mix fruit pack with the essence of fruit which helps to remove all pollutants & dirt very minutely & gives a freshness feeling.


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