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Product Description

Keva Piles Relief


MRP: RS. 949/-


Keva Piles Relief contains a unique combination of well researched herbs that can work in a synergistic manner to shrink the piles, reduces the swelling, eradicates the pain, stops the bleeding and helps to lead a healthy lifestyle. Herbal blend can be helpful in all types of Piles.

Keva Piles relief gives flexibility to blood vessel of anus and lower rectum and improves blood circulation

What is piles?

Piles are inflamed and swollen collections of tissue in the anal area. They can have a range of sizes, and they may be internal or external. Internal piles are normally located between 2 and 4 centimeters (cm) above the opening of the anus, and they are the more common type. External piles occur on the outside edge of the anus.


The blood vessels around the anus and in the rectum will stretch under pressure and may swell or bulge, forming piles. This may be due to: chronic constipation

  • Constipation, passing large stools (faeces), and straining at the toilet. These increase the pressure in and around the veins in the anus and seem to be a common reason for piles to develop.
  • Being overweight. This increases your risk of developing piles.
  • Pregnancy. Piles are common during pregnancy. This is probably due to pressure effects of the baby lying above the rectum and anus, and also the affect that the change in hormones during pregnancy can have on the veins. Piles occurring during pregnancy often go away after the birth of the child.
  • Ageing. The tissues in the lining of the anus may become less supportive as we become older.
  • Hereditary factors. Some people may inherit a weakness of the wall of the veins in the anal region.
  • Other possible causes of piles include heavy lifting or a persistent (chronic) cough.


How Keva Piles Works?

Combats piles (hemorrhoids): Keva Piles relief shrinks pile mass, controls bleeding and heals inflamed skin and the mucus membrane. The product offers symptomatic relief from rectal bleeding, pain, itchiness and corrects chronic constipation associated with hemorrhoids.

Relieves pain: The local analgesic property of Keva Piles Relief relieves pain and ensures pain-free fecal excretion.

Antimicrobial: As an antimicrobial, it prevents secondary microbial infections in the body.

Benefits of Keva Piles Relief:

  • Internal and external hemorrhoids
  • As an adjuvant in the management of varicose veins
  • Anal fissures
  • Pregnancy-induced hemorrhoids


Herbal Ingredients all are known to be beneficial for Piles:

Triphala, Curcuma longa (Haridra), Mesua ferrea (Nagkeshar), Terminalia chebula (Choti Harar), Commiphora mukul (Guggal), Azadirachta indica (Neem), Shankh bhasma

The herbs have the following bnefits to treat the piles:

Benefits of keva piles relief:

  • Reduce inflammation of the hemorrhoid tissue.
  • Helps to reduce the size of the piles
  • Relieve pain and itching due to swelling.
  • Ease the bowel movements
  • Reduces pain during bowel movements.
  • Promote healing of the damaged tissue.
  • Normalize the blood flow to the anorectal region.
  • Lubricate the sensitive pathways and thus ease the passage of stools.
  • Prevents the infections
  • Improves the digestion and avoids the constipation


Dosage: Take 1 Tablet in morning & 1 Tablet in evening half an hour before meal. Use twice daily for 6-12 months regularly for better results.


Note: This is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your healthcare professional.


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