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Product Description

Keva Nourishing Cream

Keva Nourishing Cream
MRP – Rs. 59
Pack size – 50gm


Product Description: The blend of internationally acclaimed ingredients such as almond & honey Keva Nourishing Cream may reduce blemishes, dark spots and discoloration and thus evens your skin tone by enhancing marks lightening process on outer dermal layer. Can remove dead skin cell, enhance cell immunity & preventing further damage. Actually this is formulated with some herbal nutrients that nourish and repair damaged skin cells. Can reduce even the most stubborn and deep seated discoloration and thus evens the skin tone. By enhancing the cell stimulation process with the help of herbal extracts present in this product it may lighten the deep patches & make the skin smooth & clear.

Directions for use: Apply a small amount of cream all over face and neck and massage gently in circular motion. When you are applying the cream, the movements should always be in an upward direction so that it can maintain the youthful look for longer. For better results one can use for 6-12 months.



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