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Product Description

Keva Hair Styling Gel

Hair Styling Gel

MRP: Rs. 119/-

Packing : 50gm

Now you can flaunt all your Hair style with Keva Hair Styling gel. Perfect for everyday styling. Keva Hair Styling Gel is the best solution for hair grooming which suits all hair types. You can get any hair style in just one minute and helps it last throughout the entire day. This Hair Styling Gel lets you shape and style your hair as you desire. It also helps strengthen and repair for beautiful results.Keva Hair Styling Gel is an ayurvedic semisolid formulation which is manufactured by the use of herbal and natural ingredients. This product is used to make the perfect hairstyle for every type of hair texture. This is the best formulation for the perfection of hair which helps to grow hair and can be applied to thin and soft hairs also. By the use of this product, the person can make every type of hairstyle especially to the small hairs within less time. By the use of a small quantity of this product, the person can maintain their hairstyle for the whole day. This product is manufactured by the natural and herbal ingredients so there is no side effect by the use of this product and also helps in the natural hair growth and hairstyling. It gives the desired hairstyle and shapes through the use of this product. It also helps to repair the hairs and not prevent hair loss due to the use of this Hair Styling Gel.    



  • Prevent hair loss
  • Gives desired shape and style
  • Use for all hair texture
  • Natural and herbal product
  • Natural hair growth
  • No side effect
  • Perfect for everyday hair style


Dry the hair properly and then take a little quantity of gel into the palm of your hand. Apply this gel to your hairs for straight hairs or curly hairs. After apply, you can use a comb or brush for proper style. It can also be styled with the use of fingers to make the curly hair.·

Store in cool place away from sunlight and keep out of reach of children 


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