Keva Triple Stem Cell Tablet

Keva Triple Stem Cell Tablets

MRP Rs. 3999/-

Pack Size : 60 Tablets, 1250mg each 

Elixir of Health

Being blend of rich plant derived  ingredients TRIPLE STEM CELL TABLET can help in renewal process of damaged body cells & slows down the ageing process.

Product Highlights :

  • Containing essential vitamins, minerals and cofactors, along with targeted blends of antioxidants and herbs
  • An unique multi-nutrient formula  designed to address our most important areas of health
  • From hormone balance and vital energy support, to immune health, detoxification and more
  • Promoting cardiovascular health, metabolic balance and healthy bones,
  • Specially formulated to meet nutritional requirements of body throughout all stages of life.
  • Keva Triple Stem Cell is formed by a new approach by combining nature and science through a technique to extract raw materials from plants.
  • The antioxidants present in the product helps to protect the cells from the damage caused by the free radicals and also improves the lifespan of the cells.
  • The herbal blend helps to detoxify the body and so that various harmful toxins are flushed out from the body.

How it Works:

  • Repair and regeneration of cells: This Helps to assist the cells to activate the self repair system and regenerate the dead cells.
  • Regulate PH level in our body: Helps to balance the acidic and basic levels of body by controlling the level of various ions like sodium, hydroxyl ion and potassium.
  • Improve body immunity system: Helps to boost the immunity of body against various antigens which cause harmful effects on body.
  • Enhance physical stamina and energy level: The Herbs helps to boost the cellular energy production of the cells which helps the body to restore more amount of energy.
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health: It helps to control the chronic inflammation and oxidative stress  in blood vessels which is helpful in preventing the diseases like atherosclerosis, strokes, peripheral artery disease and cardiac arrest etc.
  • Diabetes and related complications: Helps to control the glycemic index of the body which helps to control diabetes and symptoms related to diabetes like diabetic foot, wound healing, and controls the levels of insulin.
  • Improves Neurological Health: The antioxidants present in these counteract the damaging effects of inflammation and oxidation in brain cells, which can negatively affect memory and learning. Helpful in treating many neurological diseases like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, spinal cord injuries and also helps to improve the condition of paralytic patients.
  • Improves Eye Health: Helps to improve the vision and also helps in degenerative eye disorders like glaucoma.


Known to Possess Internationally acclaimed ingredients :

  • Malus Domestica.
  • Solar Vitis.
  • Acai Berries.
  • Cranberry Fruit Extract.
  • Cordyceps Sinensis.
  • Schizophyllum Commune.
  • Chaste Tree Fruit Extract (Vitex agnus-castus)

Dosage: Take 1 Tablet twice a day in morning & evening on an empty stomach or half an hour before meal. Use twice daily for 6-12 months regularly for better results.

Disclaimer: This is not intended to cure, Diagnose, treat or prevent any diseases .Please consult your physician.