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Product Description

Neem Salt Toothpaste

Keva Neem Salt Toothpaste

MRP: Rs. 301/-

Pack Size: 100gm 

Keva Neem Salt Toothpaste specially formulated to keep oral problems at bay !

Being a combination of herbals ingredients known to possess oral health related benefits makes unique feature of this product.Keva Neem salt Toothpaste is packed with the goodness of salt and neem. This unique blend of natural ingredients in a scientific formulation helps fight germs to keep gum problems like Pyorrhea away and give you healthy and tight gums. It’s refreshing minty taste freshens breath.


·         Ensures clean, healthy and white teeth

·         Kills Bacteria

·         Eliminates Bad Breath

·         Strengthen teeth & tightens Gums

·         Possess Anti-Bacterial & anti-germs properties

·         Neem & Salt are as active ingredients in the product. This is a natural disinfectant, which fights germs and whitens the teeth.

·         Help prevent pyorrhea and promote healthy teeth.

·         Provides complete Oral Care


Directions for Use: Use Sufficient amount of toothpaste and Brush thoroughly at least twice a day or as directed by a dentist or physician. 

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