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Product Description

Keva Balm

Keva Balm

MRP Rs. 60 (8gm)

Keva Balm provides fast, cooling pain and comforting relief for Aches and Pains. It is effective for Simple back pain, Sprains, Backaches, Joint Pains, Sores, Stiffness and cold. Keva Balm potent penetrating balm formulated using the best quality natural herbs and advanced processing techniques. With quick action and quick absorption, Keva Balm offers quick relief without any side effects.Ingredients in the keva balm, such as camphor, increase blood flow to the surface of the skin, creating a warming sensation that can distract from pain and stiffness. Camphor and menthol may also improve blood circulation to the muscles, potentially speeding up healing time and reducing inflammation. The balm contains ingredients that may help relieve sinus and chest congestion. Some have been used for centuries in oils, ointments, and inhalant form to ease congestion from colds and allergies. Camphor acts as a mild expectorant, nasal decongestant, and cough suppressant. Menthol may help soothe irritated nasal passageways, helping to relieve stuffy noses.

Directions- Apply over the affected area 3-4 times in a day & massage gently or as directed by physician.


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