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Product Description

Kaipo Agro Enzyme

Keva Agro Enzyme

Mrp: 300/-

Net Wt.: 500ml

Keva Agro Enzyme is the Agricultural enzymes are biological catalysts used extensively in agricultural-based biotechnological processing, such as enzyme-assisted silage fermentation, processing of crops and crop residues, bio-processing of fibres, and production of many animal feed supplements. The technological advancement in the field of agricultural enzymes has boosted both the manufacturing capacity and application of agricultural enzymes such as invent of phytases (enhances the nutritional contents of the food grains) and silage fermentation. The growing demand for processed food, rising demand for renewable energy sources such as bio-fuel, coupled with cost-efficiency of agricultural enzymes has helped in its wide acceptance in the agricultural sector.

How It Works: 


  • It is a natural flower booster, increases resistance against pests and diseases and improves nutrient uptake. It improves plant growth and yield, especially in stress conditions.
  •  It enhances ratio and will reinforce the plant tissues.

Ingredients: Amino Acid (Amino Cytric Acid), Diastage (amalys enzyme), Protein hydrolysate, Cytokinin.

How to use: Shake the bottle well before opening. Mix Desired Quantity of Agro Enzyme in a small quantity of water and stir well. Add the solution to sufficient quantity of water to achieve required coverage Agro Enzyme can be mixed with most of the Pesticides after diluting with water separately.

Disclaimer: This is not intended to cure, Diagnose, treat or prevent any diseases .Please consult your physician.


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