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Product Description

Animal Liver Tonic

Keva Animal Liver Tonic

Mrp: 150/-

Net Wt: 500ml

Keva is the Liver Tonic for the liver functioning of large animals and free of chemicals. As it is completely a herbal combination so giving best result without any side effect these are accurately formulated using quality ingredients to ensure effectiveness and exact composition of herbs along with Vitamins and Minerals. It is beneficial in improving liver function, increasing appetite, growth, production, and vitality of the animals. It also affected and the negative effect created in the body leads to conditions like anorexia, indigestion and stress conditions. Mainly during summer conditions due to summer stress liver functioning is affected leading to impaired metabolism. So to solve this problem a Complete Liver Tonic for Animal is introduced in the market.

How it works:

  • Increase body resistance to disease.
  • Use as a Hepato Protector.
  • Detoxifies & Counteracts Damaging Effects of Aflatoxin.
  • Improves livability and peak performance & develops body resistance against diseases.
  • It also increases milk production.

Ingredients: Aqueous solution contains Tricholine citrate, Methionine, Liver Extract, Protein Hydrolysate, Dextrose, Choline Chloride, Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex with the herbal extract.

How to use: Large Animal: 100ml per day, Small Animal: 50ml per day or as directed by Veterinarian or nutritionist.

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