Detox Foot Spa Machine

Detox Foot Spa Machine

MRP: Rs. 35,000/-


  • Main Machine.
  • User Manual.
  • Array (1pc).
  • Wristband (1pc).
  • Waist Belt (1pc).
  • Power Cable Plug.
  • Adapter plug.


 The Ion Detox Machine does not cure anything. It is simply a machine which can assist your body to rebalance its bioenergetics fields. This simulates self- detoxification. When the electromagnetic fields are balanced, the body’s organs will naturally function better. Over time, the Ion Detox machine may assist the body in improving:

  • Liver and kidney function.
  • General circulation and metabolism.
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches and migraines.
  • Skin Problems.
  • Mercury and heavy metal detox.
  • Well-being & balance of the whole body.
  • Menstrual pain and PMS.
  • Fatigue.


Carefully remove the machine from the case. Set the machine on a dry and stable surface. Check all accessories of the machine and familiarize yourself with the parts and machine features.

 1. Fill your WATER TUB with warm to room temperature water (tap or distilled). The plastic basin is sold separately

2. Insert the power cord and array into corresponding jacks on the front and back of the main unit. Plug the power cord into the wall outlet. If using the wristband and belt, insert the cord into the corresponding jacks.

Note: the metal of the wristband must be touching the skin. Insert Array in the water tub.

3. If using the wristband, strap around your wrist making sure the metal of the wristband is touching the skin. If using the waist belt, fasten the belt on your waist. If using the TENS pads, they can be placed to the meridian and joint of your body.

 4. Select the desired mode. There are 8 modes available: (POS:positive ion,NEG:negative ion). The higher the mode the more powerful.

 5. Press the Time +/- button to select the desired treatment time.

 6. Press the ON/OFF button.