Kaipo Organic Micronutrients

Kaipo Organic Micronutrients

MRP:Rs.  200/-

Net Wt.: 500 ml

Through increased use of soil testing and plant analyses, micronutrient deficiencies have been verified in many soils. Some reasons limiting the incidental additions of micronutrients include Organic micronutrients have a scientific liquid fertilizer prepaid by combination of all the nutrients required by crops. Which helps in the complete development of the crop and significant increases the quality and production.

  • High-yield crop demands remove micronutrients from the soil.
  • Advances in fertilizer technology reduce the residual addition of micronutrients. It include Fe (iron), MN (Manganese) , Zn ( Zink ) , Cu ( copper ) B ( Boron ) .

Ingredients: Fe (Iron), Mn (manganese), Zn (Zink), Cu (Copper), B (Boron).

Application: Drip irrigation, Flood irrigation

Dose: 35 -40 ml in 15 liter water.

Disclaimer: This is not intended to cure, Diagnose, treat or prevent any diseases .Please consult your physician.