Chelated Minerals


MRP- RS. 299


Keva Chelated Mineral Mixture is a blend of chelated minerals fortified with vitamins and Probiotic for better productivity and growth of Cow, buffalo & other pets.

  • High quality Supplement of Chelated Minerals with vitamins for high yielder
  • Glycine Chelated
  • Enriched with probiotics, multi enzymes with Chelated mineral & vitamins
  • Maximum Fertility
  • Maximum productivity

According to studies, it is seen animal absorb, digest and use mineral chelates better than Inorganic minerals. Minerals in organic form help better in animals to survive and attain good immunity level.



  • Improves fertility rate, reduces dry period and inter calving period
  • Provides maximum bioavailability of minerals & vitamins
  • Treats infertility & repeat breeding
  • Improves milk production, growth & body weight
  • Builds greater resistance against diseases
  • Improves digestion/ feed conversion rate
  • Helps in overall growth of young calves
  • Improved reproductive performance
  • Reduced somatic cell counts
  • Increased hoof strength
  • Improved immune status
  • Improved performance in growing animals
  • Reduced mortality and ill health



Mixing ratio-

  • 25-30gm per cow/Buffalo per day to be mixed in the feed for maintenance and for better milk production
  • 10-15gm per calf per day to be mixed in the feed for better weight gain
  • 25-30 gm per Pig per day to be mixed in the feed for better weight gain & maintenance OR 1 kg Keva Chelated Minerals to be mixed in the feed in 100kg of feed
  • Fish- 1kg Keva Chelated Minerals to be mixed in 100kg feed

VETERINARY (not for Human/Medicinal use. Animal Feed Supplement)