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Product Description

Kaipo Crop Care

Kaipo Crop Care - Rs 600

250 ml

Keva Industries has launched a new agricultural product naming Kaipo Crop Care. It is a quality product produced under GMP regulations.

It Works As A Preventive And A Repellent On Various Pests And Insects Like Red Mites, Thrips, White Fly, Gessids, Hoppers, Etc.Two Sprays A Month Depending On Crop Condition Is Ideal.


‘Neem’ as a beneficial plant in agriculture:

The neem tree has over 100 compounds with pesticidal properties. The best known is azadirachtin. This substance is found in all parts of the tree, but it is much more concentrated in the fruit, especially in the seeds.

Neem is unique among plants with pesticidal properties since it has so many different effects on pests. It acts as a broad-spectrum repellent, insect growth regulator (it causes deformities in the insects' offspring) and insect poison. It discourages feeding by making plants unpalatable to insects or suppresses the insect's appetite (anti-feedant effect); if they still attack, it inhibits their ability to moult and lay eggs. Unlike most botanical insecticides, neem also has a somewhat "systemic" effect. This means that plants can take up neem extracts through their roots and leaves, spreading the material throughout the plant tissues. For this reason neem can help control pests like leafminers, which feed within leaves and are normally not affected by sprays that only cover the outer parts of the plant.


·       It is used for pest control and crop protection

·       It is natural soil conditioner which helps to improve quality of soil

·       It enhances the growth of plant and fruit

·       It should be used before the effect of insect on plants.

·       It is eco-friendly and safe to be used for the plants

·       It is a broad-spectrum repellent

Use Kaipo Crop Care Up to Your Harvest Date: Neem is an organic pest repellant and contains no harmful chemicals. Therefore, it’s safe to use right up until your harvest date. When you harvest your fruits and vegetables, a light rinse under the tap is all you need to remove any neem residue.

Neem Oil Kills Pests at Every Stage of the Lifecycle: 

Neem is a holistic pesticide solution. The oil kills bugs at every stage of the lifecycle. Neem works by disrupting the normal behavior of pests.

·       Prevents the bugs from feeding in the adult stage

·       Disrupts growth in the larval stage

·       Smothers eggs and larvae

·       Blanket pest control for over 200+ varieties of insects

Neem Oil – A Powerful Natural Fungicide: Neem oil is a potent natural pesticide, and it has strong anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. You can apply neem oil to your plants to smother the following fungal infections.

·       White powdery mildew

·       Anthracnose

·       Rusy

·       Tip blight

·       Leaf spot and blackspot

·       Scab


·       Take 2-3ml of Kaipo Crop Care (or required quantity) and add in 2-3ml ml of Keva Agro 80 plus in one liter of water. Mix the solution thoroughly in 10 -20 litres of water.

•        Spray on all plant surfaces (including undersides of leaves) until completely wet.

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