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Product Description

Agro Multinutrient

Agro Multinutrient

MRP- Rs. 400

Size- 500ml

Complete development of Plant with Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acid (N.P.K)

Agro Multinutrient is a special formulation of micro nutrients, enzymes & plant extracts. It is essential for enzyme activity in plant, enzymes are crucial organic chemical compounds needed for all life processes such as photosynthesis, nutrition growth. Reproduction enzymes are complex proteins activated by micro nutrients. Agro Multinutrient is a balance fertilizer formulation to ensure plant growth & yields.

Micronutrients promote essential plant processes and growth, which translates into nutrient-rich food for animals and humans. Plant growth and development largely depends on the combination and concentration of mineral nutrients available in the soil. Plants often face significant challenges in obtaining an adequate supply of these nutrients to meet the demands of basic cellular processes due to their relative immobility. A deficiency of any one of them may result in decreased plant productivity and/or fertility.

Nutrient deficiency can have a significant impact on agriculture, resulting in reduced crop yield or reduced plant quality. Nutrient deficiency can also lead to reduced overall biodiversity since plants serve as the producers that support most food webs


  1. With continuous use of Agro Multinutrient, use of chemical fertilizers can be reduced
  2. Nitrogen is good at making the leaves grow
  3. Phosphorous improves fruit and flower production as well as root growth
  4. Agro Multinutrient is also having wide range of organic micro and macro nutrients as well as all essential amino acids which make the plants healthy
  5. Potassium is great for over all plant growth
  6. It increases the germination & makes the seedlings healthy
  7.  Agro Multinutrient is essential for crop growth


Dose: Soil Application: Mix 1 Lit. of Agro Multinutrient in soil or vermi compost for one acre broad casting.

Foliar spray:  Mix 3-4 ml. / per lit. of water


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