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Product Description

Keva Health Spray

Keva Health Spray

MRP- Rs. 1200



Single Product  Multiple Benefits


Keva Health Spray is enriched with wonderful ingredients for HEALTHY LIFE and has incredible benefits. Helps in every type of condition, disorder, pains or restlessness in any part of the body.

Keva Health Spray is specially designed to promote your overall health and well-being and is beneficial for disorders from Tip to Toe.

With unique Keva Proprietary blend this product may possess multiple health benefits such as help in diabetes, heart disorders, improve blood circulation, in piles, cyst, strengthens immunity, prevents from various infections, reduces hormone irregularities, pains and many more.

You must be thinking that how only one spray can benefit all our health problems like heart, piles or another problem. Actually it doesn’t work on our various diseases; it works on our body organs or cells. It converts the acid into alkaline.


The spray helps in fighting the bad body cells, it revives and regenerates our good cells, gives energy to our cells due to which our body starts functioning properly removing all the disorders and soothe the pain.


Ø  Facilitates safe and effective detoxification

Ø  Relief of aches, pains, spasms

Ø  Elevates mood and relieves stress

Ø  Helps maintain proper muscle function

Ø  Supports a healthy immune system, prevents from various infection causing microbes

Ø  Balances the hormonal system

Ø  Calms overactive nerves

Ø  Improves quality of sleep

Ø  Maintains healthy blood sugar levels

Ø  Lessens the pain during menstruation

Ø  Improves & strengthens bones, joints & teeth

Ø  Helpful for neuro disorders

Ø  Increases energy, vitality & improves health

Ø  Relaxes muscles / reduces muscle tension

Ø  Improves cardiovascular / heart health

Ø  Ideal for arthritis / fibromyalgia / joint pain

Ø  Eases headaches and migraine headaches

Ø  In sports – replenishes mineral levels for energy

Ø  Helps to absorb vital minerals and vitamins

Ø  Supports body antioxidant systems

Ø  Supports healthy endocrine system

Ø  Maintains metabolic rate & pH balance of the body

Ø  Apart from its internal health benefits Keva Health Spray can help to reduce chemicals and contaminants from Fruits and Vegetables and keep them healthy and fresh.


Directions to use- Keva Health Spray can be sprayed on a wet cotton ball and further can be applied over the skin or the affected part.

Also you can make 3 sprays onto glass of drinking water and can be consumed thrice a day preferably one hour after the meal & can be used as an effective mouthwash as well by gargling with that water. 

Avoid direct contact with eyes. 

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