Keva Chlorophyll

Keva Chlorophyll MRP – Rs.1199/- Packaging – 60 Tab (1250mg each)

Keva Chlorophyll  
MRP – Rs.1199/-
Packaging – 60 Tab (1250mg each)

Keva Chlorophyll exclusively launched in India has been produced under GMP guidelines. This is a natural & safe product recommended to be used for all age groups.

Keva Chlorophyll is the most modern combination nature’s goodness having vital cleansing, nourishing & rejuvenating capacity. This product is used as a Supplement and a lot of health benefits are attributed to it as its key ingredients Sodium Copper Chlorophyillin & ALFALFA which contain abundant Chlorophyll which is clinically known to be rich in:

  • Vitamin A – Strengthens the heart’s function and improves vision.
  • Vitamin E – Owns Anti-ageing effects, nourishes skin and keeps the brain active. High levels of vitamin E in chlorophyll reduce the risk of sunstroke and coronary artery disorder or heart disease.
  • Vitamin C – Increases alertness and possesses anti-cancer properties
  • Zinc –Zinc combines with vitamin A known to contain immense immune boosting properties
  • Selenium –Possess rich Anti Oxidant properties, Protects and energizes body cells

Other nutrients include protein, biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid and minerals such as calcium, cobalt, chromium, phosphorus, silicon, potassium, manganese, magnesium and iron. Thus, Chlorophyll is known to improve the health of the circulatory, digestive, immune and detoxification systems of the body – leading to many different and overlapping health benefits..

Why Keva Chlorophyll 

Chlorophyll is a natural, fat soluble molecule found in plants that gives plant their green color. Chlorophyllin, the form of chlorophyll commonly used in supplements, is a water soluble version of chlorophyll that contains copper instead of magnesium as its central atom.  Your skin is the largest organ in your body and is the first barrier to protecting yourself from damaging free radicals. Free radicals speed up the aging process and harm healthy cells, making skin appear wrinkled, dry, and discolored. For decades, many cultures have used chlorophyll to heal and revitalize damaged skin.

Studies have revealed that Chlorophyllin—the common form of chlorophyll found in supplements—acts as a powerful antioxidant and internal deodorizer.

Different benefits of Keva Chlorophyll :

  • Acts as Anti Oxidants
  • Cleanses Intestinal & Urinary Tracts
  • Provides Beautiful and younger skin
  • Cleanses and oxygenates and builds the blood
  • A powerful detoxification effect on the body
  • Rich in enzymes that promote quick rejuvenation of our cell
  • Helps reverse protein-deficient anemia
  • Helps skin disorders
  • Stimulates Bowel Functions
  • Maintains pH level of body.
Scientific Studies on Chlorophyll

Promotes Cell Regeneration and Boosts the Immune System
Dr. Richard Willstatter and Dr. Hans Fisher have in 1915 and 1930 respectively received the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Chemistry for discovering the molecular structure of human red blood cells and chlorophyll. Due to this, chlorophyll is shown to promote cell regeneration and reproduction as well as assist in building up the immune system.

Blood Production Property
Nobel Prize recipients, Dr. Richard Willstatter and Dr. Hans Fisher further discovered that the only difference between red blood cells and chlorophyll is that chlorophyll has a magnesium atom in its nucleus while red blood cells have iron. Thus, chlorophyll can help in cases of anemia and other blood deficiency conditions.

Cleanses Body of Pesticides and Drug Residue Toxins
Nutritionist Prof. Bernard Jensen pointed out that chlorophyll is effective in reducing toxin caused by pesticides and drug residue by purging them from the body. He further observed that healthy people generally have higher blood counts compared to the sick. However, after high consumption of chlorophyll, the sick showed an increase in blood count and improved health.

Reduces the Body’s Problems
Scientist Offen Krantz found that chlorophyll is highly beneficial to patients with stomach ulcers. Chlorophyll complements the medication prescribed by doctors for stomach ulcers.

Improves Skin Problems, Beautifies Complexion
The New England Medical Journal reported that chlorophyll can help in various skin problems and internal infection. The American Journal of Surgery published findings by Temple University on the use of chlorophyll to treat surgical wounds and other similar conditions.

Major Ingredients

Keva Chlorophyll contains a blend of different herbs which are internationally known to manage body functions in a better way as per many clinical trials.

How to take Keva Chlorophyll 

Dosage: Take one Tablet twice daily on an empty stomach at least half an hour before morning & evening meal. For better results take 6-12 months regularly.

Storage Conditions:

Store in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight. Do not refrigerate. Keep out of reach of children.

Safety instructions: 

Read the label carefully before use.

Note: This product is not intended a medicine and not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any diseases. Kindly consult your healthcare professional.