Kaipo Fruit and Vegetable Wash

Kaipo Fruit and Vegetable Wash (250ml)

M.R.P - 150/-

·         100% natural Fruit & Vegetable Wash

·         Removes harmful pesticides, chemicals, wax preservatives, Bacteria & Germs, dirt & dust from the surface of Fruits & Vegetables

·         No perfume/ No alcohol/ No preservatives

·         No Chlorine & No artificial colour


Fruit & Vegetable Wash is an effective and safe formula that helps you to give a hygienic wash to all the fruits and vegetables, hence making them more healthier before consumption. It cleans the fruits and vegetables instantly and hence, protects you and your family's health


Ingredients- Sorbitol, Natural-biodegradable surfactant, citric acid, disodium EDTA, Purified Aqua


·         Mix 10ml (2 capful/2 tbsp.) of Fruits & Vegetable wash in 500ml of plain water or according to the volume of water & vegetable quantity

·         Soak the vegetable or fruits in the prepared solution for 1 minute

·         Rub individual places thoroughly with hand dipped within the solution

Rinse the fruits & vegetables and wash them under running tap water/ clean water