Keva Kids Health Tonic

Kids Health Tonic Syrup

MRP- Rs.80

Size- 100ml


Great Kids tonic for building child’s health and brain development. This tonic is for infants and children that helps promote proper growth and general well-being. It is an Ayurvedic formula, specifically for kids that helps them to help build a stronger immune system. Tastes good, available in Pineapple flavour!


Benefits - Can help to

  • Increase strength of body
  • Improve strength of bones, muscles and joints.
  • Boost up memory
  • Improve immune power
  • Enhance the strength and ability of the body to cope up with various physical stressors
  • Encouraging the bodily tissues to form in a balanced, holistic way, which promotes strength and immunity


Key Ingredients- Distilled extract derived from Bhumi Amla, Kalmegh, Bala, Pudina, Kachur, Kasni, Sounf, Soya, Ajwain


Dosage- Age (4-7 years) ½ -1 teaspoonful twice a day after meal

Age (7-14 years) 1-2 teaspoonful twice a day after meal or as directed by physician