Vitamin C Tablet

Vitamin C Tablet - Rs 60 Net - 10 Tabs

Vitamin C Tablet - Rs 60
Net - 10 Tabs

These are natural tangy Orange flavoured tablets enriched with vitamin C which is very helpful in enhancing immunity and boosting up daily energy. These tablets work as an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. These tablets are chewable, you can take them as flavoured candies.

Enjoy these tangy orange tablets and build up your immune system.



•             Beneficial for hair and skin.

•             Improves digestion.

•             Controls blood pressure level.

•             Regulates blood circulation.

•             Enhances memory power.

•             Boosts daily energy and stamina.


Directions for use:

•             Take 1 tablet daily on empty stomach, morning and evening or half an hour before meal.

•             You can take as directed by your physician.

•             Keep in a cool and dry place.