Moisture Rich Shampoo

MRP- 180\- Net weight-200ml Moisture Rich Shampoo

Moisture Rich Shampoo

MRP- 180\-

Net weight-200ml


It is specially formulated to treat dry scalp and damaged hair. It deeply cleanses the hair and makes it smooth and manageable. It’s enriched with milk protein and hydrates dry hair and makes it soft and shiny. Green tea extracts helps to strengthen your roots and adds nourishment. 

Adds shine to hair. 
Fulfil required nutrients to the hair. 
Keeps hair smooth and manageable. 
Keeps hair healthy and hydrated. 
Reduces dryness and damages. 
Wet your hair.
Apply on the head. 
Massage gently fir few minutes. 
Rinse off with normal water. 
Use regularly for best results.

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