Mosquito Repellent Patch

Mosquito Repellent Patch

M.R.P - 100/-

Rs. 100

6 Patches

  • Prevents from Mosquito Borne disease such as Malaria, Chikungunya, Zika & Dengue
  • Totally Safe & 100% natural
  • For every Age group
  • Anytime Anywhere usage
  • Non-toxic as DEET (Chemical) free
  • Complete protection from dangerous mosquitoes
  • Highly effective as repels mosquitoes significantly

Keva Mosquito repellent patch contains 100% natural plant ingredients that are effective in repelling mosquitoes significantly. Keva Mosquito Repellent Patch is highly useful & perfect to use in all age groups of individual playing in gardens in the evening, for outdoor picnics, school trips & kind of indoor usages such as on doors, desks, beds etc.

Ingredients- 100% natural citronella essential oil and lemongrass oil. DEET-free, no harmful insecticide or pesticide, totally natural. Up to 12 hours protection

How it works- Keva Mosquito repellent patch has natural citronella essential oil and lemongrass oil fragrance as a repellent. The patches work by saturating your skin with the effectiveness of its ingredients, which is supposed to make your body’s scent unattractive to mosquitoes.

Directions for use-

Step 1  : Peel off a sticker.

Step 2  : Place it on your child’s clothes, cots, prams, school bags or any item that they will be keeping close to them.

Step 3  : Gently press it to make it stick.

Step 4  : To remove, gently loosen one side of the sticker and peel in slow gentle motion.

  • Tear off one patch from strip and paste on clean surface of table sides, cots, prams, schoolbags or clothes etc.
  • Keep the pouch tightly packed by closing the zip effectively for better result of the remaining patches
  • Though it safe but we do recommend not to stick on skin
  • Repeat application every 8-10 hours
  • For external use only
  • Although it works for 24 hours but we do not recommend to reuse the same patch as removing of the patch can affect the stickiness or edges of patch, hence disrupting its’ working

How to remove the patch?

Gently peel the patch from a corner and move it away in one gentle swipe. In case, it is stuck, use some warm water to loosen the adhesive.