American Ginseng Drops

MRP - Rs.949 Packing : 30 ml (500 Drops)

American Ginseng Drops
MRP - Rs.949
: 30 ml (500 Drops)

American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) has been used by traditional herbalists for centuries to treat a number of different ailments. Recent scientific data confirm the presence of bioactive compounds in American Ginseng, known as ginsenosides, polysaccharides, peptides, polyacetylenic alcohols, fatty acids and flavanoids - bioactive factors that play a role in well-being Ginsenosides, provides adaptogenic properties to this herb. It is World famous for its ability to support physical performance; Ginseng is also gaining a reputation as an immune supporting herb

Health Benefits of American Ginseng:
  • Provides energy and prevents fatigue - Ginseng stimulates physical and mental activity among people who are weak and tired. A Mayo Clinic study revealed that Ginseng showed good results in helping cancer patients with fatigue.
  • Improves cognitive function - Ginseng may improve thinking ability and cognition. Research published in The Cochrane Library, conducted at the Medical School of Nantong University in China, states that "ginseng appears to have some beneficial effects on cognition, behavior and quality of life."
  • Anti-inflammatory effects - Ginseng has seven constituents, ginsenosides, which have immune-suppressive effects, according to results of experiments which were published in the Journal of Translational Medicine. Allan Lau, who led the study, said that "the anti-inflammatory role of ginseng may be due to the combined effects of these ginsenosides, targeting different levels of immunological activity.
  • Prevents cancer - There may be substances in Ginseng that have anticancer properties. A few population studies in Asia have linked the herb's consumption to a lower risk of cancer. 
  • May help men with erectile dysfunction - Men may take Ginseng to treat erectile dysfunction. A 2002 Korean study revealed that 60 percent of men who took ginseng noticed an improvement in their symptoms. In addition, research published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology provided "evidence for the effectiveness of red ginseng in the treatment of erectile dysfunction."2
  • Lowers Blood Sugar Levels -The University of Maryland Medical Center cites a study that found that Type 2 diabetics who took American ginseng with or before a high-sugar drink experienced less increase in blood sugar levels. Similarly, studies have also discovered that American ginseng can boost carbohydrate tolerance in diabetics.
  • It is considered as “adaptogen” or substances that may help people cope with stress.
  • Ginseng is also widely used to support healthy immune function and may support cardiovascular health.
  • Ginseng can improve digestion, metabolism, and appetite.

Storage Condition :

Keep the lid tight once you open the bottle. Keep in cool, dry place and away from sunlight.

Directions for use:

Take 10 drops of morning and 10 drops of evening on any empty stomach or half an hour before meal. Use it twice daily for 6-12 months regularly for better results.


This product is not a medicine and not intended to treat or cure any disease. Please consult your healthcare professional.