Keva Alkaline Water Purifier 18Ltr

Keva Alkaline Water Purifier 18Ltr
M.R.P - 15000/-

For the purification of water and adding minerals to the water

Keva Alkaline water purifier is having capacity of 18-liter, the top portion can hold content of 8 liters, and a lower portion having 10 liter capacity. Water becomes alkaline up to 9.5 ph with negative ORP. Alkaline Water Purifier decreases the Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) and makes antioxidant alkaline water, which tastes fresh and clean.

The anti-oxidizing agents in water play an important role in neutralizing free radicals in body that helps to stay healthy. Alkaline water is a more powerful anti-oxidant than green tea or juice. Drinking alkaline water every day makes you feel energized and healthy.

Alkaline Water Purifier is equipped with sediment filter that easily removes physical impurities from the water. Carbon filter present in the product removes chemical impurities such as chlorine from water.


Key features

•       No wastage of water.

•       Non-electric.

•       Remove impurities and bacteria.

•       Alkaline water upto 8.5-9.5 pH.

•       Maintain Negative (ORP) which is good for health.

•       Food Grade material.

•        Unbreakable body.

•       18 litres capacity

•       Can be used for drinking and cooking purposes.



Benefits of Alkaline Water



•          Removes acid waste from blood as a result helps in weight loss.

•          Detox the Body and removes heavy metals.

•          Helps in better hydration.

•          Act as an Anti-aging and provides healthy skin and younger look.

•          Helps in better Digestion.

•          Provides calcium which helps in stronger binder between muscles and joints and relives from pain.

•          Provide energy to body.

•          Prevents from Heart disease.

Alkaline Water helps to boost the immune system of our body