White Vinegar

White Vinegar

M.R.P - 150/-

Size - 550gm

Vinegar constitutes of Acetic Acid, Aloe vera and Water. The acetic acid is obtained from the fermentation of bacteria and can be of varied flavors. The non-fruit vinegar is one of the most preferred vinegar for cooking purposes.

This vinegar is simply the right choice because of its extremely economical price, absence of preservatives, durable bottle design and secure seal

Pure vegetarian vinegar


It is natural and stands out because of its ideal taste profile. This vinegar is not only to be used to give your oriental preparations that tangy touch, but also an enticing finish to a variety of dishes.


INGREDIENTS: - Acetic acid, Aloe vera and water

Note: -

Keep away from direct heat or sunlight

Use dry spoon for every serve