Natural low calorie sweetener aspartame

Natural low calorie sweetener aspartame
M.R.P - 100/-

Aspartame is a protein derivative and is approved by WHO, American diabetes association and USFDA among others. It is nutritious and 100 % safe. More than 330 million people across 100 countries use aspartame in a wide range of foods, beverages and dietetic products.

§  It is a healthier alternative to sugar

§  It gives taste of  sugar but without any calories

§  It helps to control calories intake

§  It is the key to fitness

§  It can help to avoid 500 calories everyday

§  It is ideal way to a healthy lifestyle

§  It helps to control weight

§  It is a natural sweetener

INGREDIENTS: - Lactose, Aspartame, Croscarmellose Sodium , Colloidal Silicon Dioxide , Magnesium Stearte and Polyvinyl Pyrollidone


§  Keep bottle tightly closed.

§  Store in a cool , dark and dry place

§  Read the label carefully before use.


This product is not intended to treat, prevent, cure or diagnose any diseases. Please consult your healthcare physician