Keva Refreshing Toothpaste

Keva Refreshing Toothpaste MRP-25/-Rs 25GM

Keva Refreshing Toothpaste
This a Premium Toothpaste with special polishing agents that helps in preventing the formation of tartar and fight cavities, keep germs away. Make your teeth whiter with daily use. Ideal for removing stains, polishing the enamel and fighting bad breath. It does not contain harmful chemicals, suitable for all. 
Prevents early tooth decaying. 
Gives you refreshing odour. 
Fights with germs and cavities. 
Strengthen gums. 
Removes stains and give whiter shine to teethes. 
Squeeze out toothpaste on your brush. 
Brush your teeth. 
Wash away. 
For best results use twice a day: morning and night, before sleeping