Keva Anion Sanitary Napkin ( 320 mm )

Keva Anion Sanitary Napkin (8 pads) (320 mm ) M.R.P - 160/- ?Size: 320 mm

Keva Sanitary Napkin (8 Pads)

M.R.P - 160/-

Size: 320 mm

Pads are made with a special gel technology which controls leakage, maintains odour and keeps you fresh. The Strongest Liquid absorption, Anion & Anti-counterfeiting 8 pads per packet. It provides constant protection and comfort whatever your activity.  Super Liquid Absorption and Super Air Permeable layer. With special Anti-bacterial agent and 3D side guard, it is Cotton perforated non-woven fabric.



•             No itchy and smelly discomfort.

•             It has an effective anti-bacterial agent which keeps away from vaginal infections.

•             This will ensure a comfortable feeling and convenience in movement.

•             When the liquid discharge comes into contact with the layer, it is absorbed such that there is no backflow or Leakage.

•             Keeps you dry, air permeable and comfortable.

•             It’s wings don’t allow the pad to displace.


How to use:

•             Open the sanitary pad.

•             Adjust the pad on your panty.

•             Close the snap button.

•             Put the sanitary pads when you are out.